Capture Fall Memories with Kids

Capture Fall Memories with Kids

Last year, my 3-year old fell in love with the Fall season. We visited the pumpkin patch (multiple times), planned and re-planned Halloween costumes, collected leaves, made leaf art, visited an apple farm, and the list goes on! After Halloween I purchased an old typewriter and N dictated a Fall-inspired poem that beautifully captures her age and the spirit of the season. She … [Read more...]

How We Fill Our Home With Art {Part Two}

  This is the second of two posts on how I fill my space with art. Here's Part 1, in case you missed it. Yesterday I shared parts of our art studio/collective living space, and today we'll wander into the kitchen and my bedroom. We just took my almost-2-year-old's crib apart, which feels like a huge milestone and a bit of a sad departure from the baby years, so I'll … [Read more...]

How We Fill Our Home With Art {Part One}


This post is sponsored by Love your space more. This is the first of two posts on how I fill my space with art. I love having art in my home. How about you? Milestone pieces by my children, brilliant bursts of creativity from my artsy friends, and carefully selected pieces by inspiring artists energize me as I move through my day. My home is filled a mix … [Read more...]

Fall 2012 Bucket List

Fall 2012 Bucket List from Tinkerlab

Have you noticed the leaves turning in your part of the world? Do you make seasonal bucket lists? By nature I'm hopelessly disorganized, but having children has helped me make some progress, mainly because my kids demand it of me. This bucket list was inspired the Fall 2011 Bucket List by Katie at Loves of Life. Thanks Katie -- your list is fantastic! Why I Write Bucket … [Read more...]

Children learn best by doing

Involve me and I'll undertand quote, from

Can you think of something that you know how to do really well? Perhaps you're really good at baking pies, riding a bike, knitting socks, diagnosing illnesses, or building websites? How did you come to know that thing? What process did you go through to get that knowledge and understanding? I ask this question because it's food for thought as we raise and teach … [Read more...]