Explore Modern Artists: Print Like Ellsworth Kelly

Ellsworth Kelly Printing Activity | Tinkerlab.com

Today we're joined by illustrator and art educator Amanda E. Gross, who's here to share another fun episode of Explore Modern Artists!  In the spirit of modern artist, Ellsworth Kelly,  your child might enjoy exploring nature’s shapes to create a stencil and make a painting! Ellsworth Kelly (1923 -) is a master print-maker.  His plant drawings and screen-prints of … [Read more...]

Highlights from the Creative Table Project

creative table instragram image big

It's been a super busy and creative month over in the Instagram Creative Table Challenge. A few weeks ago I shared that we had 750 inspiring creative table entries on Instagram. Today there are over 1100 creative table invitations, set-ups, ideas, and playful explorations to browse and get ideas from! Amazing, right?! Just as I did last month, I thought it would be … [Read more...]

24 Tips for Cleaning up Art Messes with Children

Art Tips: Real Parents share how to clean up messes with children

What are your tried and true strategies for cleaning up art messes with your child? I presented this question to some friends and the smart crowd on my Facebook page, and they came back with a variety of ideas. Some of these are my own favorites, and a few are new-to-me. My hope is that you'll find an idea or two in here that will work for you too! Storage Everything … [Read more...]

Homemade {Easy, Low-cost} Light Table

Easy low cost homemade light box

My 2-year old came down with a fever last week and we've been more or less house-bound. It's no fun at all, but it's made me pretty resourceful around the house. One big win was pulling out our homemade light table. My 4-year old, who used to love this box, seems to have grown out of it (sniff -- maybe it's a phase?), but my 2-year old was right at home sorting and designing … [Read more...]

Parenting with Positive Guidance

Amanda Morgan's E-course from Not Just Cute

Today I'm happy to welcome my friend and colleague, early childhood educator Amanda Morgan from the popular blog, Not Just Cute, to talk with us about parenting with positive guidance. Have you heard of this philosophy for raising children? Without knowing it by name, I've come to learn that this is at the heart of my own parenting philosophy. Amanda is starting a new … [Read more...]