8 Ideas to Kick-Start Creativity in the New Year

8 Ideas to Kick-Start Creativity in the New Year | TinkerLab.com

Creative New Year's Resolutions As a maker, tinkerer, writer, and designer, every January my brain goes into creative mode with the question, how can I kick-start creativity in the new year? Because I know that I'm not alone in this quest, I dug through my notes and archives to raise eight ideas that can help add some creative flair to life. Whether you're already a … [Read more...]

Easy Handmade Gifts | Cookie Dough Jars

Handmade Holiday Cookie Jars | TinkerLab

Easy Handmade Gifts, made by Kids Could you use an idea for easy handmade gifts that kids can help with? I've been thinking of different ways that my kids can get involved in gift-giving. They're four and six, so it had to be something they could both help execute AND get excited about. Oh, and if the gift happened to look good, well, that would be nice too. Well, … [Read more...]

Party Dresses in the Art Studio

Poppy Dresses on TinkerLab

We've been in our new art studio for about two months, and it's starting to feel like our second home. I've been busy planning and prepping for workshops and a keynote talk, so there hasn't been as much making time in the space as I would like, but we've managed to spend a fair amount of time tinkering, crafting and making over there. Here's a little sampling: Homemade … [Read more...]

Art Workshops in Palo Alto and Portland

Rachelle Doorley in Palo Alto, CA and Portland, OR

I can't believe that we're approaching the end of the year! What?! Is it really already December? Before the year wraps up, I'm planning to participate in two really fun family events, and hope to see some of you there. For both events, I'll lead a hands-on workshop, and will have signed copies of my book, TinkerLab: A Hands-on Guide for Little Inventors, available. If … [Read more...]

Play with Gelatin | from 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids

150 Screen-Free Activities for Kids | TinkerLab.com

Have you ever found yourself so busy that you've lost track of the things that keep you sane? A couple weeks ago I was preparing for a keynote talk in the little bits of free time that crop into my week. Preparing for this talk was an amazing experience for a few reasons: I had the chance to speak with 250 undergraduate education students about the importance of arts … [Read more...]