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TinkerLab is the popular creativity and creative education blog, founded in 2010 by arts educator, Rachelle Doorley. It receives thousands of daily visitors and is supported by bustling social media communities via Facebook, Instagram, and Google +. Brands who are interested in reaching active parents and teachers find that advertising on TinkerLab is a great way to connect with the right audience. We’re picky about who advertises on our site, and usually find the right fit with brands that are as passionate about tinkering, creativity, parenting, and education as we are. Welcome!


Who should advertise on TinkerLab? If you have a product for makers and inventors, a lifestyle blog, Etsy shop, non-profit organization, or business that would like to extend its reach, a TinkerLab ad or collaboration could be right for you.

Who reads TinkerLab? A recent poll shows that most of our readers are parents, and a smaller but significant number are school teachers. Our readers are primarily women who are looking for projects to do with their kids, craft ideas, and education-related inspiration.

Is advertising on TinkerLab worth it? Please be honest! Across all of our media platforms, TinkerLab reaches hundreds of thousands of readers each month. If you are unhappy with how your campaign is going, for whatever reason, please email us at Rachelle at TinkerLab dot com and we’ll do everything we can to make sure that this is a great experience for you. Here’s a look at some of our stats:

As of September 2014

  • Facebook: 113,000+
  • Pinterest: 44,000+
  • Newsletter: 20,000+
  • Google +: 10,000+
  • Twitter: 3,000+
  • Instagram: 4,000+

Do you do sponsored posts? Yes, we do, and only when it’s a good fit for our readers and brand. We love reviewing products that we can stand behind. If you’d like us to consider your sponsored post, email your request Rachelle at Rachelle at

Can we sponsor your newsletter? Yes! This is one of our favorite ways to collaborate with brands. Our newsletter goes out weekly. Email Rachelle at Rachelle at for more info.


We may share links to our sponsors through some or all of our channels during the period that you advertise with us.