Art Dice Download

One of my very favorite activities for encouraging creativity is an art prompt that I call Art Dice. You can read more about how to use art dice over here.

Here’s a little blurb about it, in case you want to stick with me here for a moment:

Art Dice is a fun prompt/tool/game for creating randomly generated art. Every flip of the dice becomes an opportunity to explore art vocabulary, drawing skills, color recognition, and shape identification. With a few changes, these dice could also used to chase away writer’s or artist’s block: Simply roll the dice and draw or write about what pops up. Combine a few dice together and rise to the challenge of combining disparate ideas into a cohesive whole.

Art Dice Overview

A little while back I led an art dice workshop at the Stanford d.School, and created a set of paper templates so that I’d have enough die for all the participants. For some time I’ve been meaning to share the template with you, and here it finally is! The printable (PDF) includes directions on how to use the art dice as well as templates for four die.


Click here or click the image below.

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