Art Start Challenge

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Thanks for your interest in the Art Start Challenge! To join our April 2017 challenge, simply fill out the form and you’ll be notified about a week before it begins.

The next challenge will run April 10-14. Details and material list will be sent ahead of time, so sign up early.

About the Art Start Challenge

No previous art experience necessary. If you’re struggling to find time for art, have children of different ages and could use a project that caters to all of them, and would be grateful for a curated plan, this is for you! This challenge is light, the prep is minimal, and it will help you connect with your child through art. Bonus, it’s FREE.

What’s involved? For five days, you’ll be invited to set up a simple process-based art experience for your child (and yourself — adults are welcome, too!). This is for families and teachers.

It’s my mission to help you get comfortable setting up easy art provocations that will help you reach your creative goals. This challenge will be your START!

Are you in?

Sign up for the challenge and you will get:

  • 5-Day light and easy art-making PLAN that will simplify your life
  • Beautiful and Inspiring Art Provocations
  • Art Supply Shopping List (don’t worry, this won’t cost a fortune)
  • Journal Prompts that will motivate you
  • Private Support Group
  • and tips to help you say YES to art making at home.

I will help you set up a home maker space and challenge you to set up simple art starters. All it takes is a handful of basic art supplies, a clear table, and 5 minutes to set it up. 

The results will be:

  • more time to focus on the things that matter most
  • connection with your child through art
  • and more creative confidence (for you and your child).

I am passionate about helping you find ways to make art at home joyful, light, and easy, and I’m confident that you are going to love this challenge.


After hearing more of your great questions, I pulled together a dedicated FAQ for this challenge:: Art Start Challenge FAQ