30 Inspiring and Useful Art Education Blogs

Best Art Education Blogs

Are you a teacher or homeschooler in search of the best art education blogs? Long before I was a parent, I was an art teacher. I taught elementary and middle school art, and then moved into the field of museum education which is where I was right before TinkerLab began. While many of you are parents like me, I know that a fair number of our readers are also homeschoolers … [Read more...]

What does Art Education mean to you?

What does Art Education mean to you? Parents chime in | TinkerLab.com

Art Education means different things to different people. I believe that art education is an opportunity to nurture children to find truth through imagination, effort, collaboration, and cultural literacy.  Way back when, the field of arts education grabbed me with my passion for making things, and kept me engaged as I learned more about artists, their studios, children's … [Read more...]

Elliot Eisner: Arts Education Leader and Visionary

Elliot Eisner

"The prime value of the arts in education lies, from my point of view, in the unique contributions it makes to the individual's experience with and understanding of the world. The visual arts deal with an aspect of human consciousness that no other field touches on: the aesthetic contemplation of visual form." - Elliot Eisner, Educating Artistic Vision (1972) Today I learned … [Read more...]