The Art of Tinkering – Book Review

Art of Tinkering - Book Review

We were sent a free copy of The Art of Tinkering to review, but all ideas shared here are our own. This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Last year I had the good fortune of getting my hands on a copy of The Art of Tinkering by Karen Wilkinson and Mike Petrich. Karen and I went to the same grad school (different years), and she invited me to join her in a virtual … [Read more...]

The Garden Classroom – Book Review

the Garden Classroom, an amazing book for families who want to spend time outdoors

The Garden Classroom My publisher, Roost Books, just released the most gorgeous book for families who are interested in teaching through the garden. In The Garden Classroom (affiliate), author Cathy James introduces us to great ideas for integrating math, play, imagination, reading, writing, science, and art into the natural environment. Hint: With Earth Day right around … [Read more...]

The New Playroom, an Ebook

The Art Pantry ebook, The New Playroom

The New Playroom, an Ebook Guide You may remember that I interviewed Megan Schiller not too long ago for an inside look into her inspiring, light-filled tinkering space. If you're thinking about setting up a creativity zone in your home, this picture-heavy interview will not disappoint! You can see the entire series here. Here's Megan and her children inside their converted … [Read more...]

The Nature Connection | Book Review

The Nature Collection book for kids

The Nature Connection by Clare Walker Leslie has been part of our book collection for over a year, and it's been such a worthwhile book for our nature-deprived family that I thought it was high time to review it here. This book is responsible for getting my kids excited about spending time outdoors, and the activities inside are so well designed that once underway it's close to … [Read more...]

12 Creative Books from our Family Bookshelf

12 books for a creative new year | TinkerLab

What's on your bookshelf right now? Have you read any creative books lately that make you feel alive, help you become a better parent, or inspire you to grab life by the horns? Yesterday I shared on Instagram and Facebook that I just acquired a new book, and I was looking for feedback on it. In the process of this, I had a question about sharing what's currently on my … [Read more...]