Creative Table | Making with Glitter + Natural Objects

Easy Art Prompt to Make Glittery Natural Objects |

With Fall finally hitting us here in California, we're finding and collecting lots of natural objects on our walks around town. In addition to collecting these natural objects to grace our Fall table, we like to put our crafty caps on and make them sparkly...with lots of glitter. Please don't hold this against me if you're in the "I can't stand glitter" camp. I hope we can … [Read more...]

Fun Science Experiments: Vinegar and Baking Soda

Baking Soda and Science Exploration | Fun Science Experiments |

My kids love fun science experiments. While cooking breakfast the other day, my three-year old asked about making concoctions with the breakfast supplies. While I'm all for mixing up ingredients with kids, I wasn't prepared to have a lot of good food go to waste. So we set up a classic concoction center with some baking soda and vinegar. So much fun! Supplies: Fun Kitchen … [Read more...]

Doily and Watercolor Art for Preschoolers

Easy Watercolor and Doily Art | TinkerLab

This simple doily and watercolor art for preschoolers uses basic art materials and encourages children to explore the medium of watercolors through process-based creating. This project, like so many others that you'll find on TinkerLab, is process-based. It's set up as a Creative Invitation, meaning that the materials are laid out in an inviting way, and then the child … [Read more...]

An Invitation to Create with Tape and Paper

The Creative Table Project | an Invitation to Create with Tape and Paper

Today I have another quick invitation to create that encourages independent thinking without a lot of fuss. This project is part of the Creative Table Project. If you're new to the Creative Table Project, read this post for more information on how it works. We'll use today's materials of tape and paper for this simple invitation to create.  Before you begin Clear … [Read more...]

Creative Table | Invitation to Create with Glue + Sand

An easy Art Invitation with Glue and Sand that encourages creativity and independent thinking | TinkerLab

Let's talk kids and creativity! Are you interested in raising a creative learner who can think outside the box?  Could you use some quick and easy ideas for hands-on making that also encourage creativity and independent thinking? Then you will most likely LOVE this series of invitations to create. As a parents or educators, most of us care about raising children who … [Read more...]