Creative Table | Invitation to Create with Glue + Sand

An easy Art Invitation with Glue and Sand that encourages creativity and independent thinking | TinkerLab

Let's talk kids and creativity! Are you interested in raising a creative learner who can think outside the box?  Could you use some quick and easy ideas for hands-on making that also encourage creativity and independent thinking? Then you will most likely LOVE this series of invitations to create. As a parents or educators, most of us care about raising children who … [Read more...]

Creative Table: Leaves and Glue

Creative Table with Leaves and Glue

This post is sponsored by New York Life. One way to pass along good is through Life Lessons: Simple but important truths that guide our everyday actions. In an effort to help you minimize holiday stress, through the end of the year, we'll share some of our favorite, simple Creative Table invitations. Today's set-up was inspired by a parent-led project at my daughter's … [Read more...]

Creative Table: Doilies and Scissors

Doilies and Clear tape set up

With the stressful holidays coming upon us, I thought it would be a great time to introduce a few of our favorite easy and simple Creative Table Invitations. If you're not familiar, Creative Table Invitations are essentially open-ended set-ups or provocations that invite children to explore materials, test ideas, and experiment with their own way and on their … [Read more...]

Creative Table Inspiration from Instagram

Creative Table | Tinkerlab

How was your weekend? We had some great quality time with family and melted in the sun at the UCLA v. Stanford football game.  Now that the weekend is over, I thought it would be fun to begin our week with some Creative Table inspiration. If you're new to this series, this is a great place to start. If you head over to Instagram and search the hashtag #creativetable, … [Read more...]

This Creative Week: Interactive Sidewalk Art + The Creative Table Project


Interactive Sidewalk Art: Send us your Ideas! In our last post, The Tree Tag Project, we talked about how you can set up an interactive art project that will surprise and inspire your neighbors. Related to that, a few weeks earlier, we set up this very simple prompt with a bowl of sidewalk chalk (above). Within hours our sidewalk was covered with flowers, faces, names, … [Read more...]