60 Egg Activities for Kids

These are really easy, and will give the kids a lot of variety for easter. Egg Activities for Kids!

If you’re on the hunt for fun and engaging egg activities for kids, this ginormous list should keep you busy for a few weeks. And it’s just in time for Easter and Easter Egg Hunts.

Egg Activities for Kids

Because the list is so large, I’ve broken it down into these categories: Egg Decorating, Plastic Eggs, Games, Painting and Sculpture, Crafts, and Science.

I hope you’ll enjoy getting inspired from and pinning these ideas as much as I enjoyed assembling this eggy line-up. If you have more ideas to share, please add them to a comment so that others can enjoy them too.

60 Egg Activities for Kids | Crafts, Science Activities, Sculpture, and more | Tinkerlab.com

Egg Decorating Activities for Kids

Henry’s First Egg Decorating: Vibrant Egg Dye, Crayon Resist, Marbled Eggs, Drip Dot Eggs (see photo above), Hands on as we Grow

Naturally Decorated Marbled Eggs, The Chocolate Muffin Tree

Blown out Easter Eggs, The Artful Parent

Three Easy Tricks for Blown Out Eggs, Tinkerlab

Easter Eggsperiments, Paint Cut Paste

Bleeding Tissue Easter Eggs, The Chocolate Muffin Tree

Austrian Egg Blowing, Red Ted Art

Vegetable Dyed Easter Eggs, Tinkerlab

Hot Easter Eggs Decorated with Crayons, The Chocolate Muffin Tree

Posting Letters to your Children inside Eggs (see photo above), Mommy Labs

Crayon Wax Resist Rainbow Eggs, A Little Learning for Two

Collage Eggs, The Artful Parent

Painted Eggs with Egg Crate Stands, A Mom with a Lesson Plan

I Love you Stinky Face Eggs decorated with googly eyes and pom-poms (inspired by this book), Toddler Approved

Hot Crayon Shaving Easter Eggs, Mama Smiles

26 Decorated Egg Ideas, Hands on as we Grow

Easy Spotty Eggs (egg decorating with Toddlers), Red Ted Art

60 Egg Activities for Kids | Crafts, Science Activities, Sculpture, and more | Tinkerlab.com

Plastic Egg Activities for Kids

Fancy Shaker Eggs (see photo above), Mama Smiles

ABC Egg Hunt, Toddler Approved

Crack Open the Egg and Paint, Teach Preschool

Easter Eggs: Not Just for Hunting, Creative Connections for Kids

Plastic Egg Ice Sculptures, Creativity my Passion

12 Ways to Learn, Using Plastic Easter Eggs, JDaniel4’s Mom

Make a Plastic Egg Pig Nose, Creativity My Passion

Glow in the Dark Eggs, Twins at Play

60 Egg Activities for Kids | Crafts, Science Activities, Sculpture, and more | Tinkerlab.com

Egg Games

Ice Eggs (See photo above), A Little Learning for Two

Easter Egg Number Hunt, A Mom with a Lesson Plan

Baby Play: Easter Egg Pick Up, Ready Set Read

Balancing Easter Eggs, A Mom with a Lesson Plan

Egg and Spoon Race, Creativity My Passion

Mexican Cascarones (Eggs filled with Confetti), Dirt and Boogers

Easter Egg Spelling Practice (see above), A Mom with a Lesson Plan

Egg Emotion Cards, Toddler Approved

Name Egg Hunt, Toddler Approved

60 Egg Activities for Kids | Crafts, Science Activities, Sculpture, and more | Tinkerlab.com

Egg Crafts

Eggshell Candles (See photo above), Paint Cut Paste

Decoupage Eggs, Pink and Green Mama

Easter Egg Sun Catchers, The Artful Parent

Spring in an Egg, Small and Friendly

How to make (egg-shaped) soap…for beginners, Red Ted Art

Felt Eggs, Sunny Side Up, Pink and Green Mama

Easter Garland with Foam Eggs, East Coast Mommy

Easter Grass Spring Garden, The Outlaw Mom

Egg Molds for Kids, Foodie Parent

Make a Sheep from a Plastic Egg, De tour et de rien

Giant Chocolate Egg, Mummy Mummy Mum

Easter Egg Cupcakes with Yolk Centers, Cupcake Project

60 Egg Activities for Kids | Crafts, Science Activities, Sculpture, and more | Tinkerlab.com

Egg Painting & Sculpture Activities

Egg Shell Sculpture (See photo above), Messy Kids

Make your own Egg Tempera Paint, Tinkerlab

Spray Painted Egg Bunting, Sun Hats and Wellie Boots

Tape Resist Eggs, Putti Prapancha

Rolling Eggs, Experimenting Mom

Easter Egg Made with Melted Beads, Sun Hats and Wellie Boots

Easter Shadow Box with Storytelling, Mommy Labs

Play Dough Easter Eggs, Putti Prapancha

60 Egg Activities for Kids | Crafts, Science Activities, Sculpture, and more | Tinkerlab.com

Egg Science Activities

The Transparent and Bouncy Egg Experiment (See photo above), The Chocolate Muffin Tree

Learning About Eggs, A Little Learning for Two

How Strong is an Eggshell?, Science Sparks

An Experiment with Egg and Soda, The Chocolate Muffin Tree

Egg Geodes, Tinkerlab

Walking on Raw Eggs, Tinkerlab

The Floating Egg-periment, Experimenting Mom


Be sure to pin this page for future reference!

These are really easy, and will give the kids a lot of variety for easter. Egg Activities for Kids!

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Jellybean Matzo House

 This article was first shared in April 2011.

How to build a jellybean matzo house for Passover.

We had more than our fair share of Easter sweets this weekend, but I had a plan all along to purge our house of all that extra sugar by “gluing” it to some sort of base, like a paper plate, and calling it art.

As I talked to my almost three-year old about the idea, we mused over what we could glue our candy to. Something bigger than a cracker. Something flat. Something hard. Something we already had in our pantry.

And then it occurred to us — Matzo!

The irony of mixing Easter jellybeans with Passover matzo isn’t lost on me. As I laughed about this with my husband, we also realize that this is a fair representation of of our melting pot family. And I’m sure we’re not the only ones these ingredients on hand?!

What I especially love about this project, which looks oh-so-similar to the beloved gingerbread house, is the reminder that we can borrow ideas from other seasons. Here’s another seasonal mash-up from last summer: Easter in August.

How to build a matzo house

N started with some matzo and enjoyed breaking it into smithereens. She’s two, after all. Totally unusable for this project, but super fun.

If you’ve ever broken matzo with the intent of making neat little sandwich, you know that matzo has a mind of its own and can be completely unpredictable.

First, break your matzo…carefully

After accepting my fate that we would use uneven pieces, my husband messed around and came up with this strategy: Place the tip of a knife into the middle of the matzo, on the groove that you want to break…

And then press down.

It’s still a little wobbly, but it worked SO much better than my sad attempt at breaking them by hand.

I since found another strategy that sounds worthwhile: dip your finger in water and run it down the groove you intend to crack. It will soften the matzo just enough so that you can get a clean break.

Then we attached the pieces together with ornamental frosting, which dries hard. Our ornamental frosting was too runny for the job, but I’ll share the recipe below just in case you want it. Instead, I’d recommend the royal icing recipe that we used for our gingerbread houses.

Recipe for Royal Icing


  • 1/8 cup Meringue Powder
  • 1/4 cup Cold Water
  • 2 cups sifted Confectioners Sugar

Add water to meringue powder and beat until soft peaks form. Add sugar into the mixture and beat until it’s the desired consistency. Add more sugar for stiffer icing.

Ornamental Frosting

Used in the pictures of this article

  • 4 cups powdered sugar (one box)
  • 1 teaspoon cream of tartar
  • 3 egg whites

Blend it together until smooth. If you’re not using the frosting right away, cover the top of your bowl with a damp towel to keep it moist.

We attached the “wall” pieces to a large matzoh base.

And then added jellybean decorations. That leaning wall is the result of one of my hand-breaking attempts. Sad. Looks like a foundation problem.

I finally conceded to the frosting-coated jellybean eating request. I can be tough!

We thought the white frosting made this was looking way to wintery, and not at all spring-like…

…so we colored our frosting green.

And then there was more…eating! It looked a bit like Roman ruins…

How to build a jellybean matzo house

So we added a roof. Voila! Jellybean Matzo House (with icicles) for Spring.


Do you have a good idea or tip for making candy houses?

This post was shared with Craft Schooling Sunday, Skip to my Lou, Sun Scholars