A Peek into our Maker Space

A peek at the Tinkerlab Studio

Where the Making Happens

Since moving into our house about three years ago, our art studio has set its stake in almost every non-sleeping/bathing area of our home. The house is small, and we have to get creative. Are you in the same camp?

Most recently, our studio was in the official dining room, which worked out well since it’s right next to the kitchen (water source!) and I could make meals while the kids created.

But, kids grow and the way we were using the house changed. Mainly, I was ready for my OWN maker space which couldn’t also fit in the small dining room, so we shifted things around and turned part of our living room into what you see here. How about you? Do you have a space for your creative outlet?

For a very different look, you can check out how the art studio fit into this corner just two years ago, and then again one year ago. I think we’re getting better at this! The current space is far from perfect, but it’s become a productive room and serving its purpose well.

I should add that as I look at my desk right now, it’s covered in all sorts of projects (eeek) and doesn’t look nearly as inviting as it does in this photo, but I remind myself that it’s a working space and that’s the point of it! It’s there to get messy.

My favorite things about the space are:

  1. The art cart (IKEA)
  2. Having a big table to work on (that’s not also where we eat meals)
  3. The ability to work alongside my kiddos.

Your thoughts

I’m keeping it short today, but before I sign off I would love to hear from you:

  1. Do you have a designated space for making?
  2. If yes, please tell me about it and submit your studio and it may be featured on Tinkerlab.
  3. If no, what’s holding you back?