TEACH Documentary: What Does it Take to be a Great Teacher Today?

Teach Documentary

Thanks to Participant Media for sponsoring this post and for the opportunity to acknowledge the importance of teachers in our children’s lives. What Does It Take to Be A Great Teacher? Can you think of a teacher that inspired you to find a discipline that spoke to your soul, work harder, read more carefully, play well with others, or become your most authentic … [Read more...]

Three Little-known Secrets to Great Teaching

Learning about Shakespeare with Rafe Esquith

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”  ~ Henry Brooks Adams Have you ever had one of those teachers whose inspiration never left you? Someone who lit a fire in you that never died. A teacher whose influence and ideas are carried with you to this day? I feel lucky to say that I've had one of these teachers. Rafe Esquith taught … [Read more...]