What is the Creative Challenge Project?

Every two months we host a Creative Challenge for kids where we invite you to invite your child to create with a common material . The objective of these challenges is to enable children to explore a material’s potential, build creative confidence, encourage invention, and envision new purposes for common objects…. skills that are at the heart of innovation.

If you’re interested in joining one of the past challenges (see below), you can enter your project at any time.

Will you join the next Creative Challenge?

If you’d like to join one of the upcoming challenges, plan to come back on the posted date. We’re currently accepting entries for the August 2014 challenge: Cupcake Liners.

Should I join? Is this for me?

You might be wondering if this is worth your time. Well, here are some of the reasons to join in…

  1. If you’re doing this with a child, he or she will most likely enjoy the process of designing his or her own project, and self-directed projects encourage confidence and critical thinking skills.
  2. You’ll enjoy sharing with all the other Creative Challenge participants. It’s really fun to see how people interpret the same materials in different ways.
  3. We will start a new Pinterest board for this challenge and all entries will be shared there.
  4. If you’re a blogger, you’ll probably enjoy a boost in traffic.

Okay, I’m in! What do I need to do?

  1. Gather your materials
  2. Come up with a plan
  3. Run the project
  4. Document it
  5. Share it with us.We’ll post a Linky on our site.

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