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If you’re looking for a fun drawing prompt that encourages imaginative thinking, this Creative Table drawing prompt is sure to please. My four-year old found it enthralling, and soon after completing these, she invented her own prompts for her dad to work on.

Fun Drawing Prompt Printable: Design your own character

The idea is simple:

Set up a sheet of paper with basic animal or people parts, and then invite your child to fill in the missing parts of the bodies with their own ideas. So, for example, draw bunny ears and a tail, and leave the rest of the image blank. I’ll share some ideas in the photos below.

See This Drawing Prompt in Action:

Fun Drawing Prompt Printable: Design your own character

You can easily draw your own prompts with a few quick strokes of pen.

But if you’d like some that are ready to go, with instructions and ideas to further this exercise in creativity, I pulled together a downloadable PDF. You can print it right away, as many times as you like, and have a creative drawing session in just a few moments. Click here to download a copy today.

TinkerLab Creative Drawing Prompts

What is the Creative Table Series?

Setting up a Creative Table Invitation to Create like this is one of my very favorite ways to encourage children to explore new ideas and develop a visual language. Here’s the basic premise:

  • Clear the table of anything that won’t be used in the invitation
  • Artfully arrange the materials to provoke ideas
  • Limit the choice of materials to just a few items
  • Provide clues about how to use the materials, but keep the project open-ended so that original ideas can flourish.

More Creative Table Ideas

You can read more about the Creative Table Series and grab at least ten more easy and fun ideas here.


  1. Ashlie says

    I can’t wait to use this as an “extra activity” for our VBS this summer! The kids will love it!