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    What a wonderful book! Looks like a great supplement to the un(pre)schooling I’m doing for my daughter.

    I was an only child for a big chunk of my childhood, so I had a lot of independent explore time (inner space and out). We moved around a lot, but I always had just enough nature to investigate many of the things I’d read about in my parents’ library.

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    Sounds like a terrific book! Lately my son’s been on an island-building spree using his ever-growing collection of rocks, shells, sticks and bark. Just like Kelley in the comment above, I had a lot of independent time growing up. One of the things I loved doing was making stuffed toys out of fabric scraps, yarn and old socks. It was so much fun, even my younger brother liked it. And then we’d set up a puppet theater with the toys.

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    This book sounds like one I not only would like to get, but to write too! I have two wonderful little boys that are at home with me full time and I am considering home/unschooling.
    I find it difficult to go against the hyperparenting/schooling that is in my area, but truly believe that encouraging creative play and exploration will serve them better than any preschool, even one that is “play based”.
    Thank you for your wonderful blog!

  4. Melinda Peterson says

    So happy I stumbled across today! And I would LOVE to win a copy of Imagine Childhood. Feeling very inspired today!

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    I remember having lots of fun cooking with grass, weeds, stones etc. The only part that really disturbed my mom was when I decided to pretend cut up my teddy bear to be part of the meal. It still makes me laugh now when I think about it now.

  6. Christine says

    This book sounds wonderful! I love letting my kids explore and learn! A favorite memory I have as a kid is playing outside in my back yard. My sisters and I would play all kinds of make believe games and set up camps around our trees (we each had our own!). Thanks for all the great ideas you share!

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    this books looks really great! I can’t wait to find out more about it :) I’m currently getting my degree in Early Childhood Education & I have a toddler so, love this information!

  8. Jill says

    Ahh, I have so many great memories of growing up. I remember many days spent playing with my cousins on our grandparents’ farm. We were given free range of the farm and had all sorts of adventures.

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    My cousins and I would use an old pile of wood at my grandparent’s house as a time machine. We would travel all over… to the time of dinosaurs, the wild west, and even the future. We would spend hours and hours playing together outside.

  10. Sheau says

    My dad used to take us to fish in small river in cacao estate…my brother and I would swim down stream and up stream with my parents while they fished. I remember tasting the cacao fruits and observing the brown seed.


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