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6 Reasons to Love Disneyland | TinkerLab.com

Six Reasons to Love Disneyland

If you were to ask my six-year old about her favorite places to visit, she would say they are Cape Cod and Disneyland. I've asked her this question many times, and it's always the same. Cape Cod is a magical summer playground with lots of opportunities to hang out at the beach, spend time with family, and eat ice cream. And Disneyland? Well, it's Disneyland! And for starters it's home to the main street of Walt's childhood dreams, rides that excite the most fearless five-year olds, and animated characters that come to life beneath pint-sized castles and miniature mountains. I was … [Read More...]

TinkerLab book launch party at Helix by the Exploratorium

TinkerLab Book Launch Party

Thank you, thank you to all of my friends, both old and new, who came out to the launch party for TinkerLab: A Hands-on Guide for Little Inventors last weekend at Helix Los Altos. In case you've never heard of it, Helix is the Peninsula arm of San Francisco's famed Exploratorium. As soon as I stepped foot into Helix earlier this year I knew that this was the spot for my book launch. Helix celebrates the intersection of science and art, and experiments and exploration are at the heart of their mission. Big, big thanks to the education specialists at Helix, and especially to Kerrick, … [Read More...]

Fall Craft Ideas | Leaf Drawing | TinkerLab

Fall Craft Ideas: Leaf Drawing

This fall craft idea is also a simple creative invitation that doesn't require a lot of fancy tools and won't come with a big mess. If you're new to the idea of creative invitations, this article has all the details you'll need to get started. Supplies for Fall Leaf Drawing Leaves Colored pencils or your favorite mark-making tool Paper My 4-year old and I took a bike ride and she chose this selection of leaves. We arranged them on the table and she added a crystal. Because, you know, it looks better that way. We marveled at all the colors in the leaves and then I invited … [Read More...]

A Fall Art Invitation: Coffee Filter Leaf Sun Catchers

Fall Craft Ideas: Paint Coffee Filter Suncatchers

If you're interested in ways to bring the Fall season to life, today I'm sharing fall craft idea that encourages children to be inventive and think independently. Present the Supplies as an Art Invitation If you follow TinkerLab, you know that I appreciate projects that encourage children to think for themselves and come up with their own unique spin on the materials. Like so many of our projects, I present the supplies to my children as an art invitation. Once the supplies are in front of my kids, they are free to use the materials in any way the please. So, what will we need? The … [Read More...]