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A New Art Studio for TinkerLab

A New Art Studio Last night I was officially introduced to my new art studio! It's a gorgeous space, formerly occupied by my friend Cristina Velazquez, who's working on a large-scale installation with over 400 unwanted VHS tape. (If you live in the Bay Area and want to join her for a VHS tape knit-in this week, more details can be found here.) I applied to be an artist in the Cubberley Artists' Studios Program in Palo Alto earlier this summer, and recently learned that I was granted a spot! I've been eyeing these spaces for YEARS, and to say that I'm excited about moving in is an … [Read More...]

12 Toddler Art Projects | TinerkLab.com

12 Art Projects for Toddlers

I'm often asked for activity ideas for toddlers, so I collected a few of my favorite art projects for toddlers. These projects are mostly easy to execute, don't call for a lot of fancy supplies, often suggest using supplies that you already have at home, and are 100% age-appropriate for little hands. Enjoy! 12 Art Projects for Toddlers Make your own simple paint recipe. Making your own paint can be easy! This paint isn't super archival and it won't look like store-bought paint, but it's especially useful if you have a child who likes to use a lot of paint, and you're less concerned with … [Read More...]

Easy and Fun Halloween Crafts for Kids | TinkerLab

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Here comes Halloween! I scoured some of my favorite kid-friendly sites and found this awesome selection of Halloween Crafts for Kids. I think you'll love them. What does this Halloween Crafts for Kids roundup include? Ghosts, pumpkins, spider webs, mummies, monsters, and skeletons. Activities for toddlers, preschoolers, and school age kids. Crafts that kids can actually do. Some with a little adult assistance. Projects that use easy-to-find household materials such as spaghetti, cardboard rolls, candy, paint, string, jars, egg cartons, gauze, and cotton balls. Sixteen projects … [Read More...]

6 Reasons to Love Disneyland | TinkerLab.com

Six Reasons to Love Disneyland

If you were to ask my six-year old about her favorite places to visit, she would say they are Cape Cod and Disneyland. I've asked her this question many times, and it's always the same. Cape Cod is a magical summer playground with lots of opportunities to hang out at the beach, spend time with family, and eat ice cream. And Disneyland? Well, it's Disneyland! And for starters it's home to the main street of Walt's childhood dreams, rides that excite the most fearless five-year olds, and animated characters that come to life beneath pint-sized castles and miniature mountains. I was … [Read More...]