How to Make Popcorn on a Cob

How to make popcorn from a cob | a TinkerLab® Experiment

How to Make Popcorn on a Cob

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This is a fun activity in the fall months when dry corncobs are abundant. We recently visited a local farm and after actually milling dried corn into animal feed they sent home with organic cobs of dried corn to make into popcorn. Did you know that it’s perfect for popping? I didn’t, so for us this was a true, yummy experiment.

If you don’t have a source for dried corn cobs like we did, Sur la Table makes a cob that you can buy online.

Supplies for Making Popcorn from a Cob

Dried corn cob like the Sur La Table Farmer’s Popcorn Cob

Paper Bags


Before you start

Begin by asking some questions about popcorn and how it’s made.

What happens when we put dried popcorn and oil on the stovetop?

What happens if we put dried popcorn in the microwave?

What do you think will happen if we microwave this dried corn cob?

Make Popcorn with a Dried Corn Cob

Place the cob in a brown paper lunch bag.

Fold the bag up a couple times to keep the steam in

Cook the cob in the microwave. Set it to a popcorn setting if you have that.

My little one (with face paint) was so excited when it started popping in the microwave. We cooked it on the popcorn setting, which is about two and half minutes long. As with any other popcorn, open the microwave door when the popping sounds slow down.

We opened it up for a peek, and it was gorgeous.

Marvel at how much popcorn came off of one little cob!

The ends of this ear didn’t pop off and actually singed up a bit.  My daughter loved the whole process, right on down to eating the corn.

The Popcorn Book and Popcorn Breakfast

To extend this into a fun literacy moment, read The Popcorn Book by Tomie de Paola. It’s funny, and an instant childhood favorite. My kids love it.

When we read the book we learned that “The Colonists like it [popcorn] so much that they served popcorn for breakfast with cream poured on it.” Try turning your popcorn into an old fashioned breakfast treat with Popcorn Cereal. 

Corncob Popcorn Experiment. All you need is a corncob, paper bag, and a microwave. So fun!

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