Corncob Popcorn Experiment


Corncob Popcorn Experiment. All you need is a corncob, paper bag, and a microwave. So fun! We visited a local farm a few weeks ago and after actually milling dried corn into animal feed, we were sent home with a cob of dried organic corn to make into popcorn. Did you know that it’s perfect for popping? I didn’t, so for us this was a true, yummy experiment. We put the cob in a paper lunch bag… Folded it up… And got soooo excited when it started popping in the microwave. We cooked it on the popcorn setting, which is about two and half minutes long. As with any other popcorn, open the microwave door when the popping sounds start to diminish. We opened it up for a peek, and it was gorgeous. We marvelled at how much popcorn came off of one little cob. The ends of the ear didn’t pop off and actually singed up a bit. N loved the whole process, right on down to eating the corn. Oh, and what do you think of the face paint? Pretty snazzy, right?! Won’t this be a fun activity in the fall months when dry corncobs are abundant.

Have you popped corn right off the cob?