The Art Habit is Here!


Starts October 30, 2016

Your family’s art practice doesn’t have to take a back-burner for lack of time or organization.

The Art Habit is a 5-week Experience that will put more artistic intention, ease, and a boost of creativity into your family’s life.

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The Art Habit is a brand new TinkerLab Experience, and I’m looking for a handful of committed parents and teachers to join me on its beta launch.

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Would you like to…

  • have more time
  • get help setting up art projects for children of multiple ages
  • set up projects that are cost conscious
  • find more room for art or have a better organized space
  • learn how to set up activities without losing your mind
  • make more of your own art
  • support your child’s creative thinking and problem solving skills through art making
  • have a curated plan that took care of all the planning so you spend time doing the things you love?

If any of these sound like you, then The Art Habit has your back. I’d like to invite you to join me as a founding member of the beta release of this experience. Sign up here!

After going through this program, you will:

  • feel more connection with your child
  • support your child’s creative thinking and problem solving skills
  • connect with your own untapped creative genius
  • have more time to do the things you care about because The Art Habit provides you with a curated plan, saving you planning and research time.


Structure of The Art Habit

This is a 5-week art experience for families with young children who want to bring more art into their homes with grace, calm, and joy.

Week 1: Prepare, organize, shop for supplies

Weeks 2-5: Process-based art activities, conversations and feedback in closed Facebook group with access to Rachelle, journal reflections, sketchbook prompts for parents

We will take a week off for Thanksgiving, although I’ll share some light bonus activities for that week, essentially making this a 6-week experience.

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Read more about The Art Habit here.

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Claim your spot in The Art Habit here.

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  1. Ann says

    I thought I was registered to participate, Ann Marie Meiresonne. However, after the initial you are in there was nothing els.
    Am I registered for the Art Habit family Art Experience?