Tinkerlab is Everywhere! Sort of…

I’ve renewed my love affair with Google Plus. Are you over there? If you are, please seek me out! With that, I thought this might be a good time to let y’all know where you can find Tinkerlab around the social atmosphere. This will be a quick post.

A few words about our social media stamp: 

* Shoot me a hello and tell me that you follow this blog. I will love to hear from you!

* But keep in mind: I’m a busy parent and might not respond to you right away. Please don’t take this personally. My mom rarely gets a call back the same day she leaves me a message (I’m so sorry, mom).

* We go where you are. Is there something that we’re missing? Let us know and we’ll check it out.

Where to find Tinkerlab

Rachelle Doorley on G+

Rachelle on G+

Follow me on Google Plus, where I share tinkering ideas, craft projects, creativity inspiration, and science stuff. Oh, and occasional comic or photo of coffee. I adore G+, and would love to see you there.

Creative Kids Challenge Tinkerlab

I also moderate the Creative Kids Community on G+, and this week we’re hosting a Creative Kids Challenge.  Check out the link for more details!

Tinkerlab on G+

Tinkerlab on G+

Join Tinkerlab on G+, and you’ll get a good dose of creativity, art and science projects, and all things tinker-y. If you love Tinkerlab, this won’t disappoint you.

Tinkerlab on Facebook

Tinkerlab on Facebook

If you love Facebook, the Tinkerlab Facebook Page is the place where we share creative inspiration, giveaways, hands-on projects for kids.

Tinkerlab on Instagram

Tinkerlab on Instagram

Follow us on Instagram, where we share photos of easy art projects and inspiring bits of creativity. Also home to the Creative Table Project (follow us at #creativetable).

Tinkerlab on Pinterest

Tinkerlab on Pinterest

Follow us on Pinterest, where you’ll find some of our favorite artsy and kid boards: Kid Spaces, Art Recipes, Kids Art, Kids Science Projects, Sketchbook Ideas, and Art Studios

A question for you:

Where do you like to spend your social media energy? Which platform speaks to you?


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    You already know my answer to that one! I had to tell you how much I just love the headers of all of your SM profiles! 🙂