Upcycled On-The-Go Art Bag

I love DIY projects, and was beyond thrilled when my friend Danielle (artist, best friend ever, mom of two) sent me this picture of an art bag she whipped up for on-the-go art supplies. Isn’t it inviting? And here’s the best part…the materials she used are super clever. Can you guess what she made it from? I’ll give you a sec to look closely.

She needed art bags for an upcoming trip and couldn’t justify spending money on something she thought she could make herself. Are you like this too? I know I am! So she used some old pajamas (brilliant, right?!), stitched them up quickly and trimmed the edges. In Danielle’s words:

“I sewed them fast. No fancy work. Now it’s all contained. I made two in twenty minutes; set-up to clean-up.”

So, are you ready to turn your stash of outgrown or stained zippered jammies, shirts, and hoodies into something fabulous?


Your Turn

If you have a favorite DIY project that relates to creativity, feel free to add a link in the comments or send your project my way for possible inclusion in a future post.


  1. Kelly says

    I love it! Any instructions on how to do it? I can sew a little bit, but am trying to figure out the zipper.

  2. Jocelyn says

    Yes, I can’t figure out the zipper either. It goes all the way down the leg. Any instructions on how to take them apart and re-sew?

  3. says

    the zipper was part of the pj’s.
    I zipped the zipper into the space I was cutting out. and when I sewed the rectangle I reversed once or twice over the zipper tracks so there was no fear of the zipper coming off.
    make sence?!

  4. Jess says

    Huh. I was kind of not sure about the zipper, either, but that seems pretty easy. My daughter has decided that she’s too cool for footie PJs (sigh) and would probably get a kick out of something like this. 🙂