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Welcome to Tinkerlab, where you’ll find creative experiments for makers and rule breakers. TinkerLab has been celebrated as one of the top 25 Creative Mom Blogs  by Circle of Moms and was named most awesome local blog by Red TricycleRachelle is one of the 20 Must Follow Moms on Pinterest, and TinkerLab is just an all-around rad resource for anyone interested in kids and creativity.

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TinkerLab is a blog founded by me, Rachelle Doorley. as a source of inspiration for parents, teachers, and caregivers in search of creative activities for children. The site has since grown into a creative hub  that celebrates child-directed projects, art-making prompts, and creative inspiration that values hands-on making and occasional rule-breaking. 

What is TinkerLab?

The word TinkerLab describes both the physical space of the art studio/science lab where our family builds, paints, experiments, and tinkers and the experimental state of mind that goes into the things we make in this space. To read more about how I define tinkering click over here.

If you don’t already have a designated Tinkerlab for creating, I’d encourage you to consider it. By making “creating” a fixture in your home, you’ll give your child permission to invent on a whim and honor the makers inside of everyone in your home. I’ve also written a 5-star book on the topic, TinkerLab: A Hands-on Guide for Little Inventors, which you can find on Amazon. The blog is an amazing resource, but you’re sure to find my best stuff in that book.

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