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art & science activities for kids
art & science activities for kids

Schoolhouse, The TK-5 Arts Education Curriculum

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The TK-5 Arts Education Curriculum

Integrates with National Core Art Standards, encourages self-expression, and nurtures the whole child.

Hundreds of lessons with downloadable PDFs, videos, and calendars.

art & science activities for kids

Welcome to TinkerLab, an oasis for children’s creativity and discovery, designed to ignite curiosity, imagination, and a passion for learning in children of all ages. At TinkerLab, we’re dedicated to providing captivating, hands-on art and STEAM activities that spark young minds and help them grow in confidence and skill.

TinkerLab was founded by Rachelle Doorley, a dedicated educator with over 20 years experience in classroom art education and museum learning. She brings her passion for helping children discover their full potential into every aspect of TinkerLab’s offerings, from innovative courses and membership programs to best-selling books and an inspiring blog. Her unwavering commitment to fostering creativity and exploration has shaped TinkerLab into a trusted and cherished resource for families, teachers, and children worldwide. Join us today and embark on an enchanting journey of imagination, discovery, and growth!