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Open-ended art projects for creative and curious kids, ages 3-11.

Your search for meaningful creative activities stops here...We'll teach you how to use open-ended making as a superpower to inspire your child's creativity.


We'll give you the tools to create after lunch. with friends. on rainy days. after school. before dinner. outside. with family.

Engaging open-ended art and maker activities for curious kids.

How Can Schoolhouse Bring More Joy To Your Home?

TinkerLab Schoolhouse is the art & creativity membership that helps families transform art time into open-ended creative play.

  • Watch your child’s imagination soar with the help of kid-tested playful open-ended art prompts.
  • Witness your child experience more agency, patience, creativity, and innovation.
  • Feel more organized and less overwhelmed with activity calendars and supply lists.
  • Never be at a loss for ideas with hundreds of parent-approved art and science videos and printable lessons.
  • Join our built-in community for support and accountability.
  • Save resources and money with intentionally simple materials that won’t cost a fortune.

I want to have more fun making art at home, but I don't know where to start.

With the help of the TinkerLab framework that celebrates process and curiosity, we'll teach you how to set up open-ended art experiences that help you let go of perfectionism while encouraging your child to tap into their creative ideas.

Our tested toolset of videos, PDFs, and community support make art engaging, developmentally ready, process-focussed, and exploratory.

Weekly Activity Calendars & Supply Lists

Activity calendars with supply lists to keep you focused and save you time.

290+ Videos to Explore in our Growing Library

A searchable library with hundreds of exploratory art and maker videos, with printable lessons.

TinkerLab 101: The Engaged Maker Blueprint

A success path to guides you on a journey from overwhelm to mastery when it comes to hands-on making.

Community Support & Encouragement

A built-in Facebook community where you can ask questions, share ideas, and vent about art messes. 😉

How does it work?

Choose a plan.

Choose a plan. Just takes a moment, and you'll immediately access your personal maker hub. Starting at just $12/month

Explore the club.

Explore hundreds of kid-tested creative activities that spark imagination. New activities added each month.


You provide the space and supplies, and we'll offer the instruction. Experiment, play, invent, and explore. Watch your child's imagination soar.

Schoolhouse is the Kids Creativity Membership that celebrates imagination, agency, and innovation.

Schoolhouse is for you if you're looking for:

  • Process Art
  • Tinkering Activities
  • Artist Studies
  • STEAM Explorations
  • Opportunities for children to carve their own creative paths
  • Projects that help kids think like artists and inventors 
  • “Extend It” ideas to build on learning

Schoolhouse won't be a great fit if you're looking for:

  • Product-oriented art projects
  • Draw-alongs
  • Follow-the-steps crafts with specific outcomes
  • Adult-driven projects that don’t offer children room to express ideas, experiment, and follow curiosities


  • Most flexible: Pay $12/month
  • Get access to 5 new activities each week. 20 activities are always available in the member hub.
  • A low commitment way to try Schoolhouse out.


  • All-access. Pay $18/month
  • Get access to curated lists of 5 activities each week, plus 24/7 access to the full library of 290+ activities.
  • This is the most robust & flexible plan.


  • All-access. Pay $180/yr ($15/mo)
  • Get curated lists of 5 activities each week, plus 24/7 access to the full library of 290+ activities.
  • The best value with two months free!

The Maker Activity Library includes projects in multiple categories:

⭐️ drawing ⭐️painting ⭐️fiber arts ⭐️ printmaking ⭐️ math art ⭐️ engineering projects ⭐️ science explorations ⭐️ artist studies ⭐️ nature art ⭐️ bookmaking ⭐️ seasonal crafts ⭐️ sculpture, and more.

What's included?

Videos for EACH project. Last we checked, online schools charge at least $15/class. For about the same price as JUST ONE CLASS you’ll get 290+ classes

Value: $4350

PDF activity guides for EACH project. If you search for art PDFs online, they cost about $1.50 for one PDF! Not to mention all the effort of finding the right activity and individually paying each teacher. Ugh. Time is money. Let’s save you some of both.

Value: $435

Bonus: Access to TinkerLab 101: The Engaged Maker Blueprint. This standalone course is embedded in the program and added as an exclusive bonus for our members. Rachelle shares years of experience with you in this idea-packed e-course that helps you set up your home art space, understand your child’s artistic development, and get started with early childhood making.

Value: $270

The Unlimited All-access Passes include all of the above, helping you connect with your child and bring more creative magic to your home.

The total value of Schoolhouse is $5055

Hear what our members are saying...

"I love how Schoolhouse invites more creativity for my daughter. What she makes and does is really her idea and not some pre-made project. The creative activities are fun. We are all enjoying them and they are now a daily activity. And I’ve learned to let go of the results. If I’m not focussed on the outcome we can enjoy the process more."
Laurien V.
"My family and I love TinkerLab Schoolhouse. The projects are perfect for engaging and inspiring our kids. We’ve loved making play dough, painting stuffed animals and creating frozen worlds. Rachelle and Scott have created a wonderful creators’ space, with fantastic ideas, warm encouragement, and inspiring playlists. TinkerLab Schoolhouse has helped our kids stay positive through lockdown."
Jill W.
"Not only do we have long-lasting beautiful artwork, we also have deeper connection and memories. Join Schoolhouse - you can participate as little/much as you like, you can access the materials in a linear or non-linear way - it's like an incredible choose-your-own-learning-adventure that is thoughtfully prepared and embedded in learning theory that makes it both accessible and meaningful."
Stephanie K.
"In a 'time is money' world that we live in, the membership cost is actually quite economical if you were to consider how much time/energy YOU would need to put in to researching all of what Rachelle has already compiled for us, in the Tinkerlab members area. You will not be disappointed... seriously, it's like finding a treasure trove of really fun stuff, every week, in your email's in-box. ;)"
Katherine J.


This is for kids 3-11, mostly because as kids get older they long for more product-oriented outcomes in their work. This isn't true in all cases and we welcome makers of all ages.

You'll gain access to your hub as soon as you sign up. Once you enroll, we'll send you an email with your login details.

As long as your membership is active, you will always have access to 20 activities. Each week when you get five new activities, your five oldest activities will drop out of your hub. 

As long as your membership is active, you will always have access to a full hub of 290+ (and growing) activities. 

A resounding "yes" on this one because open-ended activities like ours are appropriate across ages and offer an added benefit that you only have to set up one project rather than different projects for each child.

If you're tired of collecting random ideas from the internet that may or may not be age-appropriate, dealing with ads (are they even kid-friendly?), and losing so much time in pursuit of the holy creative grail, we'll simplify the curation process, we only share projects kids love, and all of this happens in a wholesome ad-free space so you can feel good about time spent with us.

We like to keep things simple and our focus is largely on basic materials like crayons, markers, paper, watercolor paint, playdough (we'll give you an easy DIY recipe), and household supplies, so you won't have to dig deep into your pocket to join in. Every now and then we'll introduce more unique materials because they're fun. When possible, we'll share alternative supplies for these items. A majority of our prompts pull from the TinkerLab Basic Supply List.

TinkerLab Schoolhouse is designed for families to use with their child or children at home. Please do not share the membership with friends. One membership per family.

Classroom teachers: We love teachers, and TinkerLab Schoolhouse can be used in your classroom. One membership per teacher. Schoolhouse materials (videos and PDFs) cannot be shared with fellow teachers or families, online streaming services (i.e. Zoom or library events), TPT, professional development, or similar activities without permission.

We're sorry, but this membership is not for online schools, for-profit art studios, or teaching businesses: If you fall into one of these categories, your membership may be cancelled. Please email us at support@tinkerlab.com with questions.

When you join Schoolhouse we'll invite you to work through exercises in TinkerLab 101, our foundational success path, designed to help you establish a creative habit. Building on that, each week we'll send you a curated calendar with 5 prompts (plus a supply list and tips for success). If building a creative habit is important to you, set aside time to try at least one prompt each week and you'll be on your way to developing more creative confidence. For families who would rather choose their own adventure, pick and choose from our growing library and go at your own pace. Implement as you learn and take as much time as you need. 

We welcome makers with all skills and have helped so many parents who were new to making. Our simple projects carve a clear and easy path to open-ended making, and our foundational success path, TinkerLab 101, will help you develop the creative skills you need to support your child along the way.

I'm so glad you asked, because I often wonder the same thing when considering a new program. Join Schoolhouse, give it a try, and if it's not for you just email us within the first 3 days for your money back. You'll find our contact information inside your membership portal. Once you're a paying member, you can cancel any time and will only pay for the current billing cycle. 

Yes! We recognize that some families can use extra help and we don't want anyone to get left behind for lack of resources. If you're facing financial hardship, scholarships are available. Apply here.


We're happy if you're happy. Try Schoolhouse risk-free. If it's not a great fit, email us within 3 days and for your money back. Once you're a paying member, you can cancel at any time and will only pay for the current billing cycle.

TinkerLab Features and Partners

TinkerLab.com, TinkerLab books, and founder Rachelle Doorley have been featured in or partnered with numerous blogs, museums, schools, libraries, and magazines.

I can help! I'm Rachelle Doorley, Ed.M., Arts in Education

I have taught thousands of children how to connect with their inner voice at the maker table, and I can teach your child, too, in TinkerLab Schoolhouse.

Throughout my career in arts education, my mission has always been to help children follow their curiosities and pay attention to what lights them up. I'm committed to childhood creativity with a masters in Arts Education from Harvard, as the author of three best-selling books on childhood creativity, and as an art and STEAM teacher for over 20 years.

When children can experiment, explore, imagine, and play, they become fuller versions of themselves. Perfectionist tendencies fall away to risk-taking, uncertainty is replaced with confidence, and fear is taken over by joy!

Join me in Schoolhouse and discover how liberating it can feel to help your child connect with their innate creativity.


  • Most flexible: Pay $12/month
  • Get access to 5 new activities each week. 20 activities are always available in the member hub.
  • A low commitment way to try Schoolhouse out.


  • All-access. Pay $18/month
  • Get access to curated lists of 5 activities each week, plus 24/7 access to the full library of 290+ activities.
  • This is the most robust & flexible plan.


  • All-access. Pay $180/yr ($15/mo)
  • Get curated lists of 5 activities each week, plus 24/7 access to the full library of 290+ activities.
  • The best value with two months free!

Would you like a test drive Schoolhouse before joining?

I'd want to do that too, which is why I pulled two summery activities from our maker library for you to try!

Click the button or either of the images below for free access to our Summer Splash Hub.

Construction Paper Sun Prints

⭐ Construction (sugar) paper ⭐ Cardstock ⭐ Scissors ⭐ Hole punch ⭐ Painter's tape ⭐ Pencil (optional) ⭐ Plexiglass (optional)

Fluffy Soap Bubbles

⭐️Dish soap or shampoo ⭐️Water ⭐️Food coloring or liquid watercolor