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chore chart

Chore Chart


When children are involved in household chores, they’re more empathetic, less self-centered, and research shows that they will become more successful adults.

This is a 5-page downloadable PDF. Simply print it out. Fill in the blanks. Begin.
  1. Print it out weekly
  2. This chore chart includes blank spaces that you can write chores into. This keeps it flexible so you can change chores each week.
  3. There’s room at the top for your child to write his or her name. Use stickers, markers, colored pencils. Have fun personalizing it.
  4. Your child can x, check, or draw pictures in the boxes
  5. Some of the chores on my list are daily and others like “clean the hamster cage” are weekly. For non-daily chores, you could leave blank or pre-fill the boxes with color or checks.
  6. You can print this in color or black and white.
  7. Bonus: This PDF also includes a complete list of chore ideas for children ages 2-18.

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