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Fizz Pop Bang – Science and Math EBook


This book is suitable for after-school learning adventures, homeschool, summer camps, or fun weekend projects. If you have young children or teach children who like to make magic potions, experiment with new materials, and explore the world of numbers, you will love this!

The EBook includes:

  • 40 ideas for children aged 3 to 8, and additional links to over 80 more activities
  • 20 free printable resources (including math and science graphing and recording sheets, magnet maze, monster match and sort game, print and build 3D solid blocks, rocket math game, tracing shapes, fact family dominoes, catch and count fish game, and engineering challenge cards)
  • Strong learning opportunities in math and science, shared through ideas that incorporate art, play, sensory learning and discovery, for a whole-brain approach.

The book includes 40 math and science projects for children aged 3 to 8, covering a range of math and science learning including:

  • how to create a math and science rich environment at home or in class
  • number line, number recognition, counting, addition and subtraction games
  • activities for measuring, graphing, estimating and recording data
  • activities for shapes (both 2D and 3D), volume, patterns and fractions
  • experiments to promote scientific thinking and hands-on exploration
  • science projects that cover: our senses, gravity and inclines, density, states of matter, change agents, botany, surface tension, magnets, elasticity, absorption, color mixing and color theory, chemistry, engineering, light, mirrors and reflection

We also include lots of ideas for how to extend the activities, adding extra suggestions to give you even more options for play, and an additional 80 links to more hands-on STEM activities.

You will also receive a set of printable resources including:

  • math and science graphing and recording sheets
  • magnet maze
  • monster match and sort game
  • print and build 3D solid blocks
  • rocket math game
  • tracing shapes
  • fact family dominoes
  • catch and count fish game
  • engineering challenge cards

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Product Description

Let’s take a peek inside…

There are colorful science and math activities.


There are kitchen experiments.

Fizz, Pop, Bang! Playful Science & Math Activities | Ebook!! |

The activities are laid out in an easy-to read style.

Fizz, Pop, Bang! Playful Science & Math Activities | Ebook!! |


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