This is part of a collaboration with my friend Melissa’s blog, The Chocolate Muffin Tree. Scroll to the bottom for a link to her Two for One: Rolled Eggs. Her colors are amazing!

Rolled Wooden Eggs

We started with some wooden eggs. Aren’t they pretty?

Rolled Wooden Eggs

What we used

  • Wooden Eggs
  • Acrylic Paint. Acrylics will stain clothes, walls, etc. Be sure to cover anything you wouldn’t want permanently painted!
  • Foil-lined bowl for the paint
  • Glitter
  • Container for rolling eggs in
  • Paper cut to fit in container
  • Tongs

Rolled Wooden Eggs

N dipped the eggs in some paint, placed them in the container, and then rolled them around. She thinks glitter is almost as exciting as lollipops, and glitter was added liberally!

Rolled Wooden Eggs

After rolling the eggs around, the papers took on a life of their own. N used A LOT of paint, which gave the paintings a rich, thick appearance.

Rolled Wooden Eggs

And because we used wooden eggs, rather than the plastic ones we used last week, we now have some treasures to pull out and enjoy year after year.

If you’d like to see the other side of the wooden egg collaboration, visit Melissa at The Chocolate Muffin Tree to read about how she and her daughter painted their own wooden eggs.


    • Glitter is the best, I agree!

  1. I loved this! We tried this the night before last and I’m posting my favorite dying techniques now…this made the list! cowsgomooandducksgoquack.blogspot.com

    • Gorgeous eggs! Thanks for sharing, Gianne.

  2. I love this. I’ve bought wooden eggs before for my kids to decorate but hadn’t hit on a style they all enjoyed. This looks like something they could really have fun with. I had one question, how do you rest them to dry if they are completely covered in paint?

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