TinkerLab Art Starts #1 New Release!

TinkerLab Art Starts

I wrote a book! TinkerLab Art Starts came out Thanksgiving week. What a crazy week for a book to launch! My schedule has been full with running TinkerLab Schoolhouse and spending time with family over the holiday, and I haven’t had a chance to send this book off into the world with proper fanfare. 🎉

I hope you’ll indulge me a bit as I share what a game-changer this book can be for anyone who wants to simplify the art-making process for young children.

1. Art Starts is leading as a #1 new release in two categories: Family Activity and Arts and Humanities Teaching Materials on Amazon. Woo-hoo!

TinkerLab Art Starts

2. It’s proudly boasting 5-star reviews!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

What is TinkerLab Art Starts?

Art Starts are easy creativity-boosting setups for children ages 3-8, featuring simple materials that you can find at home. Art Starts start with prompts that inspire children to take their art any direction they desire. If you haven’t tried this style of art-making yet, it’s a game changer for simplifying your life and having your child truly enjoy time at the art table.

TinkerLab Art Starts

The art lessons are:

1. Easy to set up. No special skills necessary.

2. Open-ended, and give children opportunities to think creatively rather than follow step-by-step directions (In case you’re wondering, this is essential for raising learners who are comfortable with the unknown and eager to tackle it with problem solving skills, self-efficacy, and critical thinking).

3. Fun for kids.

4. Multi-media, introducing kids to drawing, painting, and three-dimensional explorations.

Voila! With Art Starts, your weekly art time is sorted with 52 simple provocations that lead to critical and creative thinking, one activity for each week of the year. No cookie-cutter projects here.

If you want to see your child’s imagination to soar at the art table, Art Starts will guide the way.

With TinkerLab I’m on a mission to make making easier for parents and more fun for kids.

This book wraps all of this up into a tidy package that will guide you on your journey, save you time, take away stress, and make things a whole lot more fun for everyone.

xo, Rachelle