Materials Challenge: CD’s + Paint Pens

This month has been crazy busy, but a few days ago I was actually able to wrap my head around a creative project ahead of time and set this table up *the night before.* Gasp. Do you ever do this? It’s been a while since I have, and I always feel like I’ve embraced my inner-preschool teacher when it happens. Anyway, I look at this sort of project as a provocation: The materials relate to my children’s interests and abilities, are intriguing and suggestive, but there’s no expected outcome. 

Here’s what I used: old CD’s, colorful paper tape, glue bottles, stickers, paint pens, washable markers, + scissors.

The fun thing is that almost as soon as my kids woke up, they were engaged. Intrigued, excited, and full of ideas.

N, my 3-year old, picked out the paint pens and started drawing on the CD’s. After a bit of complaining that they dried up, she learned how to press the tip up and down until the ink flowed freely.

My one-year old is turning into one of her sister’s groupies, and wants to do everything her older sibling does. No paint pens for her, though, so I handed her the washable markers. Thank goodness, because she managed to pull the carefully secured table cloth up and draw all over the table in the 30 seconds I turned my back. Lesson learned!

While the final product isn’t much to look at, the process speaks loud and clear and I can’t wait to do this again.

Do you ever set up provocations? How do they go?

If you’re interested in provocations, you might be interested in the Reggio-Emilia approach to teaching. In the Spirit of the Studio: Learning from the Atelier of Reggio Emilia (Early Childhood Education Series)is about art studios in Reggio schools, and looks fabulous resource.

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