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Open-ended art projects for creative and curious kids, ages 3-11.

Registration opens May 27! Sign up here and we'll alert you when the doors open. 👉


We'll give you the tools to create after lunch. with friends. on rainy days. after school. before dinner. outside. with family.

Engaging open-ended art and maker activities for curious kids.

How can art be so simple and engaging?

With the help of the TinkerLab framework that celebrates process and curiosity, we'll teach you how to set up open-ended art experiences that help you let go of perfectionism while encouraging your child to tap into their creative ideas.

Our tested toolset of videos, PDFs, and community support make art engaging, developmentally ready, process-focussed, and exploratory.

Weekly Activity Calendars & Supply Lists

Activity calendars with supply lists to keep you focused and save you time.

250+ Videos to Explore in our Growing Library

A searchable library with hundreds of exploratory art and maker videos, with printable lessons.

TinkerLab 101: The Engaged Maker Blueprint

A success path to guides you on a journey from overwhelm to mastery when it comes to hands-on making.

Community Support & Encouragement

A built-in Facebook community where you can ask questions, share ideas, and vent about art messes. 😉

How does it work?

Choose a plan.

Choose a plan. Just takes a moment, and you'll immediately access your personal maker hub. Starting at just $12/month

Explore the club.

Follow TinkerLab 101, a get-started guide to help you move from overwhelm to creative mastery. Then follow the weekly prompt calendar to build a creative habit.


You provide the space and supplies, and we'll offer the instruction. Experiment, play, invent, and explore. Watch your child's imagination soar.

Doors open May 27. Join the waitlist and we'll send you a free tool: 10 Ways to Introduce Art to Your Preschooler. 👉

Schoolhouse is for you if you're looking for:

  • Process Art
  • Tinkering Activities
  • Artist Studies
  • STEAM Explorations
  • Opportunities for children to carve their own creative paths
  • Projects that help kids think like artists and inventors 
  • “Extend It” ideas to build on learning

Schoolhouse won't be a great fit if you're looking for:

  • Product-oriented art projects
  • Draw-alongs
  • Follow-the-steps crafts with specific outcomes
  • Adult-driven projects that don’t offer children room to express ideas, experiment, and follow curiosities


$25 / mo
  • Most flexible: Pay $25/month. That's less than $1/day.


$22 / mo
  • Popular choice: Pay $66/quarter and save $36 annually (get 1+ month free)


$20 / mo
  • Best value: Pay $240/year and save $60 annually (get 2+ months free)

The Maker Activity Library includes projects in multiple categories:

⭐️ drawing ⭐️painting ⭐️fiber arts ⭐️ printmaking ⭐️ math art ⭐️ engineering projects ⭐️ science explorations ⭐️ artist studies ⭐️ nature art ⭐️ bookmaking ⭐️ seasonal crafts ⭐️ sculpture, and more.

What's it like being part of Schoolhouse?

"I love how Schoolhouse invites more creativity for my daughter. What she makes and does is really her idea and not some pre-made project. The creative activities are fun. We are all enjoying them and they are now a daily activity. And I’ve learned to let go of the results. If I’m not focussed on the outcome we can enjoy the process more."
Laurien V.
Mom, The Netherlands
"My family and I love TinkerLab Schoolhouse. The projects are perfect for engaging and inspiring our kids. We’ve loved making play dough, painting stuffed animals and creating frozen worlds. Rachelle and Scott have created a wonderful creators’ space, with fantastic ideas, warm encouragement, and inspiring playlists. TinkerLab Schoolhouse has helped our kids stay positive through lockdown."
Jill W.
Mom, United Kingdom
"Not only do we have long-lasting beautiful artwork, we also have deeper connection and memories. Join Schoolhouse - you can participate as little/much as you like, you can access the materials in a linear or non-linear way - it's like an incredible choose-your-own-learning-adventure that is thoughtfully prepared and embedded in learning theory that makes it both accessible and meaningful."
Stephanie K.
Mom, Canada
"In a 'time is money' world that we live in, the membership cost is actually quite economical if you were to consider how much time/energy YOU would need to put in to researching all of what Rachelle has already compiled for us, in the Tinkerlab members area. You will not be disappointed... seriously, it's like finding a treasure trove of really fun stuff, every week, in your email's in-box. ;)"
Katherine J.
Mom, USA

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