About us

Scott (left) is a designer, hat wearer, music lover, and dorm parent. He’s also the author or Make Space and Creative Director at Stanford’s d.School. Rachelle (right) is a designer, process artist, cozy sweater wearer, coffee sipper, and dorm parent. She’s also the author of three kids’ creativity books and founder of TinkerLab. Their kids and delightful puppy bring endless meaning to their days. With a shared love for parenting and design, they’re passionate about exploring the mysteries of making with families and educators like you.

TinkerLab is a space to celebrate childhood creativity through hands-on making. If you’re curious about how you can bring more creative joy to your days, TinkerLab was made for you.

Here at TinkerLab, we create opportunities for young children to tinker, play, and invent in their lab/studio/sandbox. While hard at play, children think like inventors, artists, engineers, scientists, authors, and directors, and oftentimes wear multiple hats at once.

Our mission is to share insights with you, so that no child misses out on the empowered feeling that comes with the freedom to explore, imagine, and invent

A Note from Rachelle

As a mom to a toddler and preschooler, I was aware of how fluidly children would move from one activity to another with little friction or awareness of crossing disciplines. When my kids played with blocks or made tiny paper costumes for dolls, the silos of building, drawing, storytelling, and acting blurred together into…play.

For example, an afternoon storytelling session filled with dragons and fairies sparks an idea to build a magical castle from blocks! While building castles, and idea is sparked to create a costumed play.  With this new plan in hand, there’s a new goal to forage in closets for costumes. A robe becomes a cloak and an old dress becomes a gown, but crowns are missing, so the activity moves to the art table to design paper crowns from a grocery bag and oil pastels.

Following the thread of curiosity in moments like this can be so much fun and it’s also layered with endless creativity. There are no labels like “we’re making art” or “we’re improving our language skills.” There’s only play.

With young children, creativity and imagination thrive in the wild forest of interdisciplinary learning. When I felt and witnessed this magic, TinkerLab was born.

My goal is to uncover easy and simple ways to set up a home that supports creativity, and it’s my hope that TinkerLab will shorten the learning curve for you.as

TinkerLab and You

You’re likely here because you believe there’s more than one way to do things, you’re attracted to the DIY culture, and you want to raise children who are confident thinkers!

I love the community that’s grown around this space, and I hope you’ll join us in our magical creativity club: TinkerLab Schoolhouse.