TinkerLab Art Starts Book

I have some thrilling news to share with you today. 🎉The newest TinkerLab book is almost here! I woke up this morning to emoji-filled messages from friends whose copies are en route to their mailboxes! And then I started reading early reader reviews like this one!

TinkerLab Art Starts Book

TinkerLab Art Starts has been growing in my mind since the first TinkerLab book (aff) hit the stores and I saw a need for simplifying the maker process for the modern family: the truth is that young children don’t need over-designed activities to spark creativity, and many of us have enough going on in our lives without also worrying about designing complicated art projects for our kids.

TinkerLab Art Starts Book


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This book is all about pulling back to basics with time-tested prompts that are easy for adults and open-ended for children.

With the help of my team at Roost Books, I’m delighted to see this gem of a book make its way into the world. 

Although it’s been marinating for years, I have hundreds of little blurbs to describe what’s inside. So much goodness, obviously (!!), and here’s today’s elevator pitch:

Art Starts is filled with 52 simple art provocations for little hands, each activity designed to spark connection and creativity.

This book is for you if you:

  • are new to art making.
  • have no ideas and need help getting started.
  • have a preschooler who love making things.
  • want easy projects with minimal prep.
  • want to save time while seeing your child exercise their creativity.

The ideas in Art Starts can help families see how easy and worthwhile it is set up simple provocations that spark further discovery and creativity. 

It’s been a banner year at TinkerLab with the launch of Schoolhouse in March, and now the Art Starts book. While I’ve been working long hours these last few months, it’s so worth it to hear countless stories from families around the world who are connecting through hands-on making while witnessing their children think like artists and inventors. This brings me endless joy!

TinkerLab wouldn’t be here without all of our supporters, and I’m eternally grateful for YOU, which is why I decided to double down and create some awesome early order bonuses. Since we can’t see each other in person for a book tour, I’ll send these goodies straight to your inbox!

To spread my enthusiasm to YOU, there are two awesome new bonus packages, each designed to bring even more creativity to your home this holiday season!!

For extra fun, check out my goofy unboxing video here.

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