Founded by Rachelle Doorley in 2010, TinkerLab has helped hundreds of thousands of children and their families find more joy and connection through art, science, tinkering, and hands-on making.

Learn the TinkerLab formula for setting up magical art and science experiences for your child.

Find a TinkerLab book to help spark your family’s creativity.

Get started with easy tips and fun projects to try with your child.

Make the dream of creative family time and connection a reality.

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Making art and tinkering with kids can bring endless joy to our homes, while helping our children think like artists and inventors. With 20+ years as an arts educator, I am uniquely positioned to share how you can make your home a creative refuge. Here’s why…

As the author of three best selling books on childhood creativity, I’ve thought deeply about what it takes to support our children’s imaginations. Prior to having children of my own, I was a classroom art teacher, museum educator, and docent trainer. With over ten years experience helping thousands of parents like you through TinkerLab programs, I have a unique perspective on how to nurture creative thinking through hands-on making at home.

Through it all, I have discovered the small details that can make big differences in how to support children and their families on their creative adventures.

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