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TinkerLab helps parents and teachers ignite children's creativity & critical thinking by offering a curated blend of hands-on art and STEAM activities

Do you feel overwhelmed by the challenge of keeping children engaged and inspired? Are you searching for innovative ways to foster creativity and ignite their imaginations? 

We understand the pressure to create captivating learning experiences, the desire to make art accessible, and the need to infuse each moment with joy and curiosity. 

If you’re searching for child-directed art projects that promote creativity, exploration and self expression, you can rely on TinkerLab. Our expertly designed activities are based on educational research and have been celebrated by educators and families alike for over a decade.

Effortless Art Plans: Engage, Educate, and Elevate

We help parents, educators, and organizations who recognize the crucial role of nurturing creativity in children. Whether you’re a parent seeking deeper enrichment for your child, an educator ready for an inventive leap, or a school wanting a fresh curriculum touch, TinkerLab stands beside you.

Through our curated experiences, kids employ critical and creative thinking, diving deep into problems and emerging with innovative solutions, ensuring they don’t just learn but truly flourish as makers and thinkers. 


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Engaging PD where Rachelle demonstrates hands-on art activities. Learn new techniques in a safe, creative space.

About Rachelle

Hi, I'm Rachelle, the catalyst behind TinkerLab. Born from a love for art and education, TinkerLab is more than just a platform—it's a movement to inspire creativity and wonder in children. Our curated activities aim to bridge the gap between fun and learning, sparking genuine curiosity. Want to dive deeper into our story?

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Celebrated by educators and families alike for over a decade.

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