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I'm Rachelle Doorley.

If you found me, you may be looking to rediscover your creative spark, help kids hang on to theirs, break free from creative blocks, explore new artistic methods, or engage more deeply with the transformative power of art.

Come on in and explore our resources, workshops, and practical guides designed to help you ignite your creativity and bring your ideas to life through artful play.

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TinkerLab is a creative studio dedicated to supporting a love for art through hands-on making.

My mission is to inspire creativity and experimentation that transforms everyday moments into creative adventures.

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Whether you’re a parent seeking deeper enrichment for your child, an educator ready for an inventive leap, or an artist who wants to re-ignite their creative spark, TinkerLab stands beside you.

TinkerLab, founded in 2010, is packed with ideas, activities, and inspiration for makers of all ages. Poke around, find something fun to start with, and don’t hesitate to reach out if I can be helpful.

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Schoolhouse Membership

Access a vast library of over 300 creative activities tailored to kids 3+. Never run out of ideas!


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Art Around the Year

Seasonal art activities for your classroom. Sync your calendar for cross-disciplinary learning.


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School Workshops

Engaging PD with hands-on art activities. Learn new techniques in a safe, creative space.

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Try new processes, experiment, and make mistakes in a safe creative space.

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TinkerLab activities are open-ended, making them relevant to makers of all ages. 

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All of our resources come to you live from Rachelle’s California art studio.

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TinkerLab is celebrated by educators and families alike for over a decade.

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