Art Journal Inspiration from Daily Life

Finding art journal inspiration from daily life can help us turn ordinary moments into a endless possibilities for creativity, possibilities, and wonder.

Yesterday, as I was running errands that took me all over town for dog food, soap, a new planter for an avocado tree I’m trying to rescue, dorm snacks (ramen anyone?), and dessert from a ​favorite local bakery​ for our weekly house team meeting, I kept my eyes peeled for moments or images to weave into my artwork.

Finding Art in the Ordinary

The journey led me past the enormous spinning brushes of a DIY car wash.

As I saw the brushes spin, I could see the fun in twirling my paintbrushes across a page, just like the soapy scrubbers that circled around the cars.

Inspired, I pulled into the parking lot to take a photo but found myself face to face with a this wall…

Its simple geometry, subtle color palette, and textures spoke to me.

It was the muse I didn’t know I was looking for.

Today I borrowed ideas from this image — the colors, lines, shapes — to make a painting in my art journal.

I usually opt for soft shapes and swirly lines, so this was great inspiration to get me thinking in new directions.

Everyday Art Ideas

🔍 Today’s Invitation: Take a moment to pause and observe your surroundings. Capture something ordinary with your camera—a piece of your daily backdrop that you might usually overlook. 📸

Then, let this image be the muse for your next art journal entry.

Translate what you see into a drawing, painting, or collage.

What colors, textures, lines, or shapes stand out to you?

What draws your attention?

Will you adhere closely to the original or will you alter or adjust the image?

Finding Inspiration in Daily Life

This exercise isn’t partly about finding beauty in the everyday; and it’s also about understanding how ordinary, everyday things can fuel our creativity.

It’s a simple formula:

Invite art inspiration from daily life into your practice to enrich your artistic expression and also deepen your appreciation for the world around you.

Notice the World Around You

Take a moment to observe and appreciate the ordinary—what aspect of your daily environment inspires you?

Share your discoveries in the comments below or tag me on Instagram in your photos.

Feeling Stuck with Your Art Practice?

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