We made prints from some bubble wrap I rescued from a recent package. It was one of those projects that came together quickly — I can’t remember why exactly, but I didn’t have my camera ready. The good news is that I collected lots of good material on this topic…scroll to the bottom for tutorials and inspiration.

But this is really about what we did AFTER making the prints. While we were waiting for N’s dad to come home from work we decided to decorate a lunch bag for him. We tend to get all crafty on his lunches every few weeks, and the usual markers-on-bag wasn’t that interesting to N. I pulled out one of our bubble wrap prints and asked her if she’d like to collage it to the bag. This child jumps at any opportunity to utilize a pair of scissors, and happily snipped away at the print. After cutting it into pieces, she used white glue to adhere them to the bag — both sides — and once the bag was filled I punched two holes and tied a ribbon through it.

Bubble Print Lunch Bag

My husband loved it, and proudly carted it off to work the next day. Next time it would also be fun to use cut-up magazines, unwanted pieces of art, envelope liners, or old books.

What other materials would you use?

More inspiration

Jean at The Artful Parent made bubble wrap prints with her Toddler Art Group

Bubble Wrap Print from MaryAnn Kohl’s First Art

Bubble Printing Shamrock Diptych from hands on: as we grow

Layered multi-colored Bubble Prints from Laugh Paint Create

Clear photo tutorial on bubble printing from First Palette


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  1. What a lucky Daddy. He must be feeling the love from his girls today. It’s always great to reuse art and give it away as a gift. Makes the arts super functional to have so many purposes.

    • He did feel the love! We have so much art; it helps to find good homes for it when we can.

  2. Such a nice idea, decorating the lunch bag. It would make lovely gift bags too.
    My children just loved bubble printing the last time we did it, for a St. Pat’s activity mixing blue and yellow, and fingerpainting on the bubble wrap. This is a great sensory activity.

    We also taped bubble wrap on a small table for the children to just pop – I left it out for a few days, replacing bubble wrap, as needed. It was very popular. Children love bubble wrap. Another thing I’d like to do is tape it to the floor to walk on, foot painting on bubbble wrap would be fun too!

  3. P.S. I wanted to say I found my idea to make a print using blue and yellow for St. Pat’s from your sink mat print post which I loved. I thought of using bubble wrap because we had lots! 🙂

    • oh, that’s so cool, brenda. i love hearing about projects that are inspired by what we’re up to in our little corner of the world. and i agree with you — bubble wrap makes kids happy on so many levels.

  4. Love it, it came out so cute!!

    We spend Sunday Afternoon with our stack of lunchbags and the kids all take turns coloring one for Daddy (me too!!) and then together we all decorate Friday’s bag! I never thought to post them! I should post this weeks then! haha!!!

    • oh, michelle, these are so fabulous!! i’m so glad you shared them here. their daddy must be so proud to take these off to work.

  5. Thanks for this and all of your posts. Someone shared it w/us at our preschool and I’ve been reading ever since. WE did the bubble print activity this week and hung the bubble print up on the sliding sglass doors for some stained glass funkiness.

    Thank you for the lovely comment, Bronwyn! I’m so flattered that you’ve taken time to dig through some of my posts. I can just imagine bubble prints hung all over the glass doors, and it sounds gorgeous.

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