Frequently Asked Questions

What age is Schoolhouse for?

Our Art Club is for kids ages 3-11, but it’s not limited to just kids! Most of the prompts are open-ended and exploratory, making them accessible and friendly for families with younger children, children of different ages, and older children who enjoy exploring and tinkering.  

When can I join Schoolhouse?

We open enrollment monthly. Join our waitlist to get informed about our next enrollment period. Once enrolled, we’ll send you an email with login details and you’ll gain access to your hub as soon as you sign up. 

Can you describe the activities?

Our hub is filled with hundreds of art and maker activities that encourage kids to think imaginatively. No cookie cutter crafts here. We’ll explore drawing, painting, weaving, sculpture, printmaking, sensory play, maker challenges, engineering, math, science, and tinkering. The projects are designed as starting points for further discovery, and leave room for experimentation, ideation, and creativity. It’s all grounded in best practices so your child has fun while they learn and grow. 

If I join the Monthly Essential plan, how long will I have access to the materials?

As long as your membership is active, you will always have access to 20 activities. Each week when you get five new activities, your five oldest activities will drop out of your hub. 

If I join the Monthly or Annual All-access plan, how long will I have access to the materials?

As long as your membership is active, you will always have access to a full hub of 280+ (and growing) activities. 

How can this help us build a creative habit?

When you join Schoolhouse we’ll invite you to work through exercises in TinkerLab 101, our foundational success path, designed to help you establish a creative habit. Building on that, each week we’ll send you a curated calendar with 5 prompts (plus a supply list and tips for success). If building a creative habit is important to you, set aside time to try at least one prompt each week and you’ll be on your way to developing more creative confidence. For families who would rather choose their own adventure, pick and choose from our growing library and go at your own pace. Implement as you learn and take as much time as you need. 

What supplies will we need?

We like to keep things simple and our focus is largely on basic materials like crayons, markers, paper, watercolor paint, playdough (we’ll give you an easy DIY recipe), and household supplies, so you won’t have to dig deep into your pocket to join in. Every now and then we’ll introduce more unique materials because they’re fun. When possible, we’ll share alternative supplies for these items. A majority of our prompts pull from the TinkerLab Basic Supply List.

Can I share a membership with my classroom or with other families?

Families: TinkerLab Schoolhouse is designed for families to use with their child or children at home. Please do not share the membership: one membership per family.

Teachers, art studio owners, or playgroup leaders: We love working with teachers. TinkerLab Schoolhouse can be used by classroom teachers as curriculum inspiration. One membership per teacher. The membership is not designed for for-profit art studios or teaching businesses. Schoolhouse materials (videos and PDFs) cannot be shared in online streaming services (i.e. Zoom or library events), Please email us at rachelle at tinkerlab dot com if you have any questions about the teacher membership.

What if I don't consider myself creative?

We welcome makers with all skills and have helped so many parents who were new to making. Our simple projects carve a clear and easy path to open-ended making, and our foundational success path, TinkerLab 101, will help you develop the creative skills you need to support your child along the way.

Do you stand behind a guarantee?

We stand behind the guarantee! We’re happy if you’re happy, and we want Schoolhouse to be risk-free. If it’s not a good fit, email us within 3 days for your money back. You’ll find our contact information inside your membership portal. Once you’re a paying member, you can cancel at any time and will only pay for the current billing cycle. 

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes! We recognize that some families can use extra help and we don’t want anyone to get left behind for lack of resources. If you’re facing financial hardship, scholarships are available. Apply here.