For Busy Families: Set up These Open-ended Art Activities in Minutes…

There’s a new open-ended art series on our Instagram page called Wonder Wednesday that and I’d like to bring it your attention if you’d like to play along.

In this series, each Wednesday you’ll find a simple maker prompt that starts with a few basic materials and the phrase, “I wonder what you can create with…”

For example…

for busy families: set up these open-ended art activities in minutes...

How it works: Set up your maker space with these limited materials, ask the “I wonder” question, and see what your little maker comes up with!

Doable, right?!

“I wonder” open-ended art prompts are for you if you:

⭐️ Have a child who would benefit from activities that encourage creativity and self expression.

⭐️ Are exhausted by searching the internet for engaging art activities.

⭐️ Want your time back by minimizing how long it takes to set up fun art projects.

⭐️ Would like to witness your child’s imagination soar.

There is something so powerful about a simple “I wonder…” prompt. It immediately gets the wheels spinning and ideas flowing. Therefore, when we invite exploration while providing limitations, it raises the level of creativity and inspires innovation.

How do “I wonder” open-ended art prompts work?

What we can learn: Children are filled with their own ideas, which may not be the same as ours, and that’s incredible! In fact, it’s important to welcome their unique and novel ideas with encouragement. All possibilities are welcome and demonstrate self motivation, curiosity, and follow through.

Tips for adults: Try not to block or redirect. In addition, it’s important to put our own expectations aside and allow kids to explore, follow curiosities, and come to their own conclusions.

What could happen: With this prompt they may ignore the scissors completely, and instead tear up the paper to make rough, organic shapes. Further, they might decide to cut the paper into squares to make some origami. Alternatively, they may choose to glue all of the papers together to create a maximalist composition.

>>Click here to read this post on Instagram and see six examples of potential outcomes for this prompt.

💃🏽YOUR TURN: Set up this prompt, try the “I wonder…” question, and see what happens. Email me your kiddo’s creation. I’d love to see what they create! Then follow TinkerLab on Instagram for your weekly dose of Wonder Wednesday.

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