Spark your family's creativity.

In this fun and easy 2-day workshop we’ll share lessons on how to support your child’s creativity. You can put those tips to work right away with two open-ended, process-based art activities to try with your child. Perfect or kids ages 3-8.

Who is this for?

The ArtStart Workshop is open to families with children age 3-8. This workshop is for you if you enjoy or want to learn about process art, open-ended making, and creative experiments.

Learn how to set up easy creative projects that kids love, plus action-oriented tips on how to create an art space for little makers and tinkerers.

We’ve helped thousands families from all corners of the world, and look forward to welcoming you, too.

Play & Explore

You and your child will play with five different activities that explore paint, collage, printmaking, and drawing. We’ll provide you with a simple supply list to help you feel prepared. 

Tips for Success

In addition to the two creativity activities, we’ll also share short lessons on how to support your child’s creativity and imagination. We’ll show you how to be your child’s creative guide and offer our favorite tips for dealing with messes.

Connect with your child, create joyfully, and reclaim your time.

When you join this free workshop, you'll get access to: