Have you ever wanted to make something levitate? Maybe you have a child who’s fascinated by flight? In celebration of Disney’s release of the Aladdin Signature Collection on Blu-Ray™, I’m teaming up with Disney Studios to bring Aladdin’s flying carpet to life.

That’s right, today we’re making a flying carpet in this Aladdin-inspired STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) project that will invite your child to draw and/or color, learn about the magic of magnets, and amaze family with their ability to make a carpet “fly.”

My kids and I recently watched both the live action Aladdin and animated Aladdin movies (they had never seen them before) and we were all smitten by the fun storyline, humorous genie, and catchy songs. Oh, and the magic, of course!

I’m including a few things here to make this extra easy for you: a printable template, step-by-step instructions, and a video to show you how the carpet flies. Fun! Are you ready to start?

make an aladdin magic flying carpet


Template (download below)


Coloring Tools

Strong Magnets


Table or Ceramic Plate

make an aladdin magic flying carpet

Warning: Please watch young children closely when using scissors and magnets. These are not toys.

  1. Choose a magic carpet template to decorate. You can use the Aladdin theme carpet or invent your own design. 
  2. Cut the carpet out.
  3. Tape a strong magnet to the back of the carpet. Place a few more magnets on top of the tape to make it extra strong. Watch the video to see how this looks.
  4. Place the carpet on a table or ceramic plate.
  5. Make another stack of magnets and hold them under the table or plate. Move the magnets and watch your carpet “fly.”
YouTube video
make an aladdin magic flying carpet
make an aladdin magic flying carpet

Aladdin Signature Collection is now available on Digital & Blu-ray™

make an aladdin magic flying carpet