September Activities for Creative Kids: 4 activities to try this month

Could you use some help planning out your September activities? We’re here to help with a simple printable calendar of September activities to do with your kids.

Check off one activity a week and you’ll be well on your way to establishing a creative habit that will stick.

september activities for creative kids: 4 activities to try this month

If you’d like to get into the rhythm of regularly making art and science at home, our new September Creativity Guide has four different activities to try any time this month: 

Sensory: Jell-O Sensory Excavation

Art: Scrap Wood Sculpture with Hot Glue

Science: Magical Plastic Bag Experiment

Nature: Leaves and Glue Process Art

Save it on your desktop or download the one-page PDF guide. Put it on your fridge, in your maker area, or somewhere you’ll see it on the regular, and check off the activities as you go. 

We make this extra easy for you with a visual, short description, and clickable link that takes you to all the activity tips and steps. 

Imagine the feeling accomplishment you’ll have at the end of month, simply by printing off this September Activities guide.