Creative Table Project

what's on your creative table at tinkerlab

New to Creative Table? Start by reading this post to learn more about this project. In a nutshell, the Creative Table Project invites you to share an image of a creative invitation, prompt, provocation, or set-up. 

Share your Invitation to Create

There are Three Ways to Play: You can add your Creative Table to my Facebook page. If you’re on Google+ or Instagram, you can add the hashtag #creativetable to your post and everyone can find it easily.

Photo Guidelines:

  • Take a picture of your creative table (or floor, garden, etc…anywhere that you and/or your kids create) at any point in the creative process.
  • This can be a close-up of just the materials or of your children engaged in a project, as long as the materials are the main focus. Think of how this table could inspire someone else.
  • Consider the angle and lighting of your shot. Natural light or room lights are better than a flash.
  • Please only submit photos of projects in process, rather than completed projects. The picture does not have to reflect a perfect set-up, and can show your table just as it really is.