Creative Table

what's on your creative table at tinkerlab

New to Creative Table? Start by reading this post to learn more about this project.

Share your Creative Table!

There are Three Ways to Play: You can add your Creative Table to my Facebook page. If you’re on Google+ or Instagram, you can add the hashtag #creativetable to your post and everyone can find it easily.

Photo Guidelines:

  • Take a picture of your creative table (or floor, garden, etc…anywhere that you and/or your kids create) at any point in the creative process.
  • This can be a close-up of just the materials or of your children engaged in a project, as long as the materials are the main focus. Think of how this table could inspire someone else.
  • Consider the angle and lighting of your shot. Natural light or room lights are better than a flash.
  • Please only submit photos of projects in process, rather than completed projects. The picture does not have to reflect a perfect set-up, and can show your table just as it really is.