1. says

    I am absolutely in LOVE with Emilie’s creative home. So inspiring!!! Our next project is to work on our backyard, I will definitely be inspired by yours! Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Grace says

    Her tip on letting go and being flexible is so key. Thank you for an inspiring interview. I’m not on instigram but I’m always looking for playful natural spaces. I will have to check it out now.

  3. Laurie says

    I’m so inspired by this whole post! I’ve been wanting some stumps to play with in our yard for a while. We have a vintage table that looks just like Emilie’s art table, and I’ve been wondering what to do with it. I think I’ve just found the perfect use. Thank you so much for sharing these photos.

  4. Robin says

    Great story….so inspirational!!! My daughter would love to try these out. She just showed an interest in drawing and coloring:)

  5. Rebecca says

    Omigoodness, TWO sun rooms! That’s wonderful. Your home is so comfortable, warm, inviting, and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your living/loving/creating space with us, and have a wonderful delivery when its time to welcome your new little one!!
    –Rebecca and Rowan.

  6. says

    Those are such gorgeous and inspiring play spaces! I really love the backyard! We’ll be working on our yard this fall and can’t wait to do something else with tree stumps :D Thank you for sharing your fantastic spaces.. and thank you for such a fantastic giveaway.

  7. Carla Reed says

    Very inspiring interview! The one area where I feel I’m lacking is my outdoor space. Houston is so hot and swampy, I find it difficult to create a fun, inviting, and comfortable playscape for my son.

  8. Nan says

    The stump park is the best backyard play area I have seen in a long time. Thanks for this inspiring interview and for the giveaway.

  9. abby says

    Wonderful. I want to set up something like your wood stumps in my back yard. I can’t remember where I saw it but someone mentioned you can paint old wooden salad bowls for mushroom caps but your bowl idea is equally good! I was wondering where you got the colored masking tape and dispenser? Would love to add that to our art station.

  10. says

    Love all of the creativity that’s encouraged here. This is definitely an inspiration for me to incorporate some of the same with my two boys–thanks:)

  11. rachelle says

    I love reading through all of your comments and I’m so happy that Emilie’s ideas resonate with so many of you. Thank you again, Emilie, for opening up your home to us.

  12. says

    Thank you all for the great comments about our home and yard! How fun to be able to share it with you all — thanks again, Rachelle, for inviting me to do so! :) xo, emilie

  13. says

    Love your home Emilie! I’m so glad I stumbled over here to read your interview. We love Ferbies and could always enjoy a set! Thanks again for sharing your beautiful home and learning environment. ~Nichole

  14. says

    Love your home, Emilie! Thank you so much for sharing with all of us! We love Ferby pencils and could always enjoy a new set as ours are a couple of years old! All the best, Nichole

  15. Julia says

    This was a wonderful and inspiring read! Thank you for sharing. I love that the kids can just be kids and have some much fun outside and creatively at your house! This gives me more ideas for making a home and great memories with our little guy!


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