Capture Fall Memories with Kids

Capture Fall Memories with Kids

Last year, my 3-year old fell in love with the Fall season. We visited the pumpkin patch (multiple times), planned and re-planned Halloween costumes, collected leaves, made leaf art, visited an apple farm, and the list goes on!

After Halloween I purchased an old typewriter and N dictated a Fall-inspired poem that beautifully captures her age and the spirit of the season. She was getting ready (in her mind) for Christmas, and titled it “Christmas and Fall,” but it ended up being all about the autumn season.

I know that Fall is a few weeks away, but I share it now since it’s a good time to start building memories as we move from one season to the next.

To make your own poem, ask your child to think about the season — this might be a great time to make a Summer Poem! — and then type or hand-write the words verbatim. I happened to use an old typewriter, but a computer or sheet of paper would work equally well. I asked N what she loved about the Fall and she started with “Candles.”

And then the rest goes like this…

Christmas & Fall


I love to eat cranberry pie.

I collect leaves that are very, very pretty.

I love to wear rain jackets because sometimes it rains in the Fall and Halloween.

I love jack-o-lanterns when they’re glowing.

I love to spray leaves with paint.

I love to eat pumpkin seeds when my mom makes them.

(This poem was originally inspired by the List Poems on Let’s Explore.)

capture fall memories with kids


  1. Love Kid Poetry…kids are natural poets and don’t have those barriers in their minds that clog up beautiful and simple ways of expressing themselves.

  2. Love the idea of using an old typewriter! I have fond memories of typing away on my grandmother’s typewriter when I was a kid. I wonder where I can find one!

    • I found ours through Craigslist for about $25. We put it out last Thanksgiving and asked everyone to type out what they were grateful for. These made for beautiful collectibles, and something fun to read later in the evening.

  3. My 9 year old daughter always wants to type stuff up on her computer and is always asking for ideas…I’ll be suggesting this idea to her next time she wants to ‘type’. I will say thought, the old typewriter is way cooler for presentation than printing from the computer 😀

    • I agree with you Kelly about the look of the typewriting, but words are words 🙂

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