sun catcherSince making Sticky Autumn Collages a couple weeks ago, we’ve been addicted to contact paper. And thank goodness for that because I needed some serious validation for buying seventy-five feet of the stuff!!  Despite the semi-gloomy weather, we could not be stopped from making art with the word “sun” in it…this is a strong activity for even a rainy day. In fact, it’s a good indoor project that may even thrive with a side of hot apple cider and pumpkin bread.

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Inspiration: Suncatcher Collage, created by visitors to the Children’s Discovery Museum (San Jose, CA), 2010


  • Clear Contact Paper
  • Painters tape, Paper Tape, or Masking Tape
  • Pre-cut pieces of Tissue Paper

walking 3I cut a large piece of clear contact paper and taped it securely to the floor. N didn’t need a lot of encouragement to walk on it because this is just inherently fun and feels weird. Lots of giggles or gasps. I credit MaryAnn Kohl with this idea.

sticking paper downThen we stuck the tissue shapes to the contact paper. The contact paper is super-sticky, so once the tissue is down, it didn’t come back up again. For reals.

hard at workN got into this, and especially enjoyed folding and crumpling the tissue before placing it on the sticky paper.

suncatcher stretchWhile I finished adding all of the pieces, N took a yoga break. Of course. Then we removed the tape and stuck the contact paper directly to a window. So pretty.

contact paper contact play doughWhen the Suncatcher was done, I got a request for “Contact Paper and Play Dough.” How could I refuse?

sitting on contactTurns out the play dough doesn’t stick. And then, N wanted to know what would happen if she sat on the contact paper. She came up too. Whew!

play dough snowmenSomehow, this all morphed into making play dough snowmen with “many teeny-tiny heads.” I love the stream of conscious that guides children from one moment to another. You never know where you’re going to end up.

Do you have a favorite activities that includes contact paper?


  1. stunning! can’t wait! where do I but content paper?

  2. This is pretty great, I really like the pictures.
    I was thinking that this piece can be use on very clean windows to avoid birds crashing on them. Thanks for sharing about this project.

    • Thanks Cristina. What a great idea — gussy up a window while keeping the birds safe.

  3. Fantastic idea. we did it yesterday but was not sure how easily it came off the windows so i laid another sheet of contact over after we where done. it is know the window for the play house.
    we used Fabric Scraps (we have a lots left over from my Etsy store Trundle Bug.) and cut up rapping paper form Christmas.

    • Good idea to sandwich the papers together. I just peeled our contact paper off the window (2+ months later), and it came off clean. Look forward to checking out your etsy store!

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  5. Hi! Love this activity! When I was teaching PreK and Kindergarten, we would do this seasonally cutting the contact paper into shapes: butterflies (make body and antennae with black construction paper) pumpkins, (shades of orange and yello), rainbows (marking the arcs with marker first to separate colors), etc
    They look beautiful inside and out!

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