20 Inspiring Articles about Creativity for Kids

20 inspiring articles about creativity for kids

Why it’s More Important than ever to Foster Creativity for Kids

Nurturing my children’s creative side is a passion of mine, and not just because I like to get crafty or make paintings (although I do enjoy these things!). By encouraging my children to tap into their creative side, they can learn how to think independently, find their voice, access their imaginations, and become innovative thinkers. And this last point – become innovative thinkers – is what’s really on my mind.

The Information Age

The world is quickly changing as we move rapidly from the Information Age into the Innovation Age. The Information Age began in the early 1970’s with the introduction of the personal computer and for the past 45 years we have been a people in pursuit of knowledge and information. If we want to know more about ancient Egypt or how to sign up for a library card, a digital database quickly works its magic to find answers to our burning questions.

Moving into the Innovation Age

According to angel investor and tech start-up founder, Ryan Allis, by the end of 2015 more than half of humans will have access to the cloud. (source: The Startup Guide). What this means is that more people than ever will be able to learn, invent, and solve problems with tools that were once reserved for large companies. If you want to invent a new eating utensil, you can do that with a 3-D printer. If you want to educate yourself with college-level courses, access to these classes are suddenly free. Our children will be able to code and create tools that we can’t even imagine today.

In short, exciting times are ahead and creativity is at the root of innovation.

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Aren’t children already Creative?

While it’s no secret that kids are inherently innovative and adventurous in their thinking, they can easily grow out of this talent as they gain exposure to a world of rules and nay-sayers. The articles that follow will inspire you with ideas for raising your child or students to be creative thinkers, explorers, and curiosity-seekers?

Creativity For Kids – Inspiring Articles

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