defrosting animals

Although we live in mostly Sunny California, I’ve been inspired by all of the snow and ice activities I’ve been reading about in the blog world lately. Sensory activities always go over well in our house, and I had a feeling this would work out in my favor.

defrosting animals

Right after my daughter turned two, she was fascinated by all-things-ice. Here she on a plane, happily pouring ice from one cup to another. We were traveling to Mexico with very few toys, and were delighted to discover that she was highly engaged with ice-based activities like filling water glasses with ice cubes, playing with ice in the bathtub, and picking up ice from an ice bucket with tongs. If you have a little one and haven’t yet played with ice, this is the time!

defrosting animals

I froze a number of animals in various plastic bowls and silicone bento containers, and put them in the freezer before going to bed. I especially like these mini bread loaves because they can fit into the nooks and crannies of my freezer and they didn’t take forever to thaw out. If you live somewhere chilly, you can probably set the ice up right in your backyard, but I had to make a little room in my freezer, which is no small feet when said freezer is 1 cubic foot and full of pureed baby food.

defrosting animals

In the morning, we were greeted with a fun defrosting activity. The bowls of icy animals were placed in a large tub alongside odds and ends worthy of picking, banging, and melting away ice. My daughter had trouble with the hammers, as the slippery icy animals kept squirming away, and the golf tees ended up adding more danger to the activity than I’d imagined. My husband enjoyed these tools, however, which turned this into a nice collaborative project, while my daughter was invested in squirting an endless supply of warm water (courtesy of moi) all over the ice.

And between the two of them, all of the animals were freed!

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  1. I’ve been trying to figure out how to work some of those awesome ice and snow activities into our spring like weather as well! Great idea!

    • i’m learning that it’s never a bad time for ice! i really wanted to introduce my daughter to snow painting, and it looks like we may get the chance in a couple weeks when we head to the mountains!

  2. such a fab activity I absolutely love playing with ice, the children are always so curious! we some time put the ice in clear rubber gloves for a sensory activity. Its great in the summer to help cool the little ones down too.
    Thank you for linking up!
    Adele- monkeyingaround x

    • Great idea, Adele. I’ll sock that one away for summer, for sure. Just a few warm months away!

  3. As my husband put it when I forwarded the link to him, The first photo is a killer! Wonderful idea, terrific documentation.

    • Thanks, Suzette. The photography is sometimes my favorite part of this blogging business! And I’m flattered that you forwarded this to your husband 🙂

  4. What a cool way to play with ice. I agree I’ve seen a whole slew of ideas that I’ve been dying to try.

    Thanks for linking up!

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