Engineering for Kids | Fort Building Kit

Do you have a child who likes to build forts? Have you heard of Fort Magic, the fort building kit for kids? 

We were first introduced to this super-fun engineering kit for kids over a year ago, and our fort-building is still going strong. You can read our original review of Fort Magic here. Since we first built that submarine, our kit caught the eye of our neighborhood friends and by some miracle it made it back to our house!

Engineering for Kid: Super Fun Fort Building Kit

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So what is Fort Magic?

Fort Magic is an innovative fort building and construction toy that enables children to build 3D, kid-created, “life-size” worlds for inventive play!

The kit includes 382 poles and connectors that can be assembled to build forts of all kinds. To keep the pieces tidy when they’re not being used, they come in a handy mesh bag that has extra room and an easy-to-close velcro top. If your child enjoys Legos, there’s a good chance that this fort building kit would appeal to them.

The kit also comes with a small instruction manual that shows you how to easily assemble things like a boat or tent. 5-year old Nutmeg enjoyed the process of following the instructions to figure out how the pieces could connect. I love that she could do this on her own.

How we played with Fort Magic

To tell the truth, we actually started with a small argument. Rainbow wanted to build a Princess castle and Nutmeg wanted to build a tall rectangular structure. What to do?

We compromised and built a short rectangular structure with some arches.

And they were both genuinely thrilled.

Engineering for Kid: Super Fun Fort Building Kit

Every now and then the girls would stop and look carefully at the instructions for guidance.

Fort Magic Kit Review

Fort Magic Instructions

And while we started with the instructions, my kids quickly figured out how to manipulate the pieces in their own way. 3-year old Rainbow took it upon herself to decorate the edges with curved pipes. She was very serious about this business. And 5-year old Nutmeg devised a plan to add arches to the top.

Fort Magic Kit Review

Before you knew it, the whole thing went up. My kids put most of the bottom together on their own, with Nutmeg guiding her sister along. She turned out to be a very strong leader, and I relished the collaboration and teamwork that went on between the two of them.

I was responsible for the top level, and covering it all with sheets.

The kit doesn’t come with fabric, so you’ll want to have a few extras set aside for your fort building. We only had two spare sheets, but the kids didn’t seem to mind one bit.

After it was covered, Nutmeg added some more pieces to the front of the fort to make an entryway.

Fort Magic Kit Review

Once it was all set up, it proved to be the perfect place to snuggle in and watch a movie.

Fort Magic Kit Review

What you should know about Fort Magic

  • The kit comes with instructions to make things like a submarine, castle, tent, boat, and car.
  • The pieces come in an easy-to-close, durable bag.
  • Children can assemble forts themselves, but may need some adult help with tall forts and securing sheets to the fort with fabric clips (clips are included).
  • Sheets are not included, so be sure to have a selection of sheets handy. But stay posted because Fort Magic lets us know that fabric covers are coming soon! The kit does include a ton of clips for securing your fabric to the pipes.
  • The forts will take over your room, but it’s worth it for the problem-solving, teamwork, and hours of fun involved.

Fort Magic imagination toy

What people say about Fort Magic

We really love this toy, if you’re still wondering if it’s for you, take a look at all these reviews to get your questions answered.

Where can you buy this Fort Building Kit?

Fort Magic can be purchased right here.

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  1. I would love to win this great fort giveaway for my new inhome daycare , thanks lisa howell

  2. This is really awesome!!! My girls are always building forts!!!!

  3. This is such a cool engineering kit! I can only hope to find a way to budget it into my Head Start classroom.

  4. I get the distinct pleasure of taking care of my 1 year old and 3 year old grand daughters. We would love to have a fort kit like this for the 3 of us to play with.

  5. I have a son that will love this 🙂

  6. My boys love building forts. I can see them playing with this for hours!

  7. Oooh! My preschoolers and the older Out of School children would LOVE this!!!

  8. What kids don’t LOVE building forts! We’ve been make shifting by tucking sheets into couches and clipping to chairs.. but it keeps falling apart! (As does another fort kit brand we purchased years ago.)

    Would be so great to win this and make fort time a regular and not so frustrating occurrence in our house!

  9. My boys love to make tents from blankets and sofa cushions. They would love a kit like this where their imagination can run wild. I would love to win this. Thanks for the chance.

  10. I know we would get a ton of use out of this!

  11. This sounds like loads of fun, even for grown ups.

  12. Building forts is a daily activity at my house. This would be a great addition to our stash..

  13. I love the scale of this! Cute pic of the girls nestled in to watch a movie. Such potential for imaginative play! My students would LOVE to connect, build, and imagine!

  14. This would be awesome to make some reading nooks in our library. Also, the Summer Reading program this year is science based – give some engineers a head start!

  15. This is so neat, I wish they had these when I was younger. I think I’d have more fun with it than my son!

  16. This looks awesome. My husband is a plumber and we could probably do this with some pvc piping. 200 dollars is a bit pricey for us unfortunately.

    • Yes! You could easily pull something like this together with some PVC and couplings. If you do, please send me some photos as I’d love to see how it comes together.

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