How to Draw a Cute Snow Globe

Do you have a little one who loves to draw?

Step-by-step drawing activities are a great starting point for children who are hesitant about drawing or who want a few pointers to help them get started. With a few basic tools, they can add their own ideas and embellish drawing to make them their own.

While drawing should be a fun and enjoyable activity, it’s not the case for all kids. For some children, drawing feels like a stressful chore that challenges them in uncomfortable ways. If this describes your child, easy, directed drawing prompts can ease the way by showing children how simple and approachable drawing can really be.

Let’s dive in to today’s drawing activity…

How to Draw a Cute Snow Globe

how to draw a cute snow globe

There are four easy steps to drawing this cute snow globe. If your child wants to draw them in a different order or do something entirely different, allow for that to happen. Our goal is to make room for creative self expression, so if your child has his or her own ideas, that’s wonderful!


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You can use any supplies you like. We used Sharpie markers because they’re waterproof, and we wanted to use our fancy Kuretake watercolors afterwards. Here are the basics of what you’ll use:

  • Paper
  • Drawing Tool such as pencil or pen
  • Coloring Tools such as crayons, markers, or watercolors

Step 1: Draw a base

How to draw a snow globe step 1

Step 2: Draw the circular globe.

We like our globe to look hand-drawn and a little wobbly. However, not everyone does! Here’s a tip if you want to make a more precise globe: Find an object, such as a cup, with a round rim that your child can trace.

how to draw a cute snow globe

Step 3: Draw your snowman inside the globe.

The snowman is made up of three circles. Draw the top circle first, then add the middle circle (notice how the top circle overlaps it!), and finally draw the bottom circle. Scroll down for more ideas for what could go inside your globe.

how to draw a cute snow globe

Step 4: Add designs and color it in

Don’t forget to add snow! Dots, circles, and even snowflake shapes scattered around the background give this a wintery effect.

how to draw a cute snow globe

how to draw a cute snow globe

More Ideas for your Snow Globe

Experiment by adding different objects into your snow globe. Houses, trees, and animals all look great in snow globes. What else can you come up with?

You may also want to check out our directions on how to draw a cute penguin. Penguins look amazing in snow globes!

how to draw a cute snow globe

Download the Printable

Click this link and download our drawing sheet. Share it with your child or classroom and encourage creativity and self-expression. Make your own snow globes, too! Drawing isn’t just for kids, after all 🙂

Download the How to Draw a Cute Snow Globe printable hereHow to Draw a Cute Snow Globe

Drawing Tips for Children Who Get Stuck

  • Follow the child’s interests. If the topic peeks their curiosity, there’s a better chance they’ll look forward to the drawing challenge.
  • Make it fun and light and keep the pressure low.
  • Make it playful. Play drawing games like playing with Art Dice or One-minute drawings.
  • Use interesting drawing materials such as feather quills or clay.
  • Model a drawing mindset. Show your own interest in drawing, and willingness to experiment and make mistakes.
  • Share easy steps that break down the drawing process, yet keep the end result open-ended (like those in this printable)

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