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TinkerLab membership program, TinkerLab Schoolhouse, helps families with children 3-8 build a creative habit with weekly art and STEAM prompts.

TinkerLab Schoolhouse is a unique membership program that supports families who want….

  • to develop a creative habit.
  • a simple plan of creative activities to set up each week.
  • their children to understand that mistakes are part of the learning process.
  • to connect with other parents in a supportive community.
  • to see their child confidently claim their inner artist.
join the monthly tinkerlab schoolhouse subscription

Who is Schoolhouse for?

Schoolhouse is for families, with children 3-8, who want to develop a creative habit, have fun, save time, and feel more creative.

If you yearn to create with your child, find time for making, and nurture your child’s imagination, Schoolhouse is for you. While early childhood is our focus area, the weekly activities are open-ended, making them accessible to children (and adults) of all ages.

join the monthly tinkerlab schoolhouse subscription

How does Schoolhouse work?

Our members come to Schoolhouse because they want to establish a meaningful creative practice at home.

With the help of our weekly prompts, families learn how to easily set up process art projects, invitations to create, and STEAM activities. All of these simple entry points into the imagination give children room to explore, invent, and tinker.

Toward this end, members receive:

  • Weekly curated list of five creative activities.
  • TinkerLab 101, a four-stage workshop to support you from creative overwhelm to confidence.
  • A video & PDF library with hundreds of art and science prompts to engage little makers, artists, and inventors.
  • Access to a supportive, private community to cheer you on.
join the monthly tinkerlab schoolhouse subscription

How Can Schoolhouse Help You?

With the help of Schoolhouse, our members connect with their children, set up maker spaces, say “yes” to making, establish creative habits, enjoy the company of other families who are on a creative journey, and find more joy through making.

TinkerLab Schoolhouse helps families with young children establish a creative habit with a curated weekly prompt calendar, TinkerLab 101, a creative journey that helps you move from overwhelm to creative confidence, and a supportive maker community.

join the monthly tinkerlab schoolhouse subscription

Why is this important?

By establishing a weekly creative habit, we can encourage our children make choices, express their ideas, and understand that mistakes are part of the learning process.

With our open-ended prompts as starting points, children will harness the skills of agency, resiliency, and responsibility, which will ultimately guide them to thrive in their futures.

join the monthly tinkerlab schoolhouse subscription

Spark your child’s curiosity and build a love for making and creating through joyful hands-on experiments.

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