Kiwi Crate for Busy Families

Koala Crate is one of the newest products from the Kiwi Crate brand, and I’m delighted to share our experience here with you today. I’ve been involved with Kiwi Crate since its early days, and man-o-man, this company keeps getting better and better.

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Kiwi Crate is offering a VERY generous Black Friday sale that continues through Friday, but more on that in a sec.

Koala Crate Review (and a 60% discount code!)| TinkerLab.com

For the uninitiated, Kiwi Crate sends thoughtfully curated projects to your mailbox each month. Their products are perfect for busy families, as you don’t have to drive all over creation to find all the supplies you need to pull of these creativity-boosting projects. I’m keen on visiting the art and crafts stores on a weekly basis, but the convenience of having everything organized in one spot even appeals to me.

The full suite of Kiwi Crate kits includes:

Koala Crate: ages 3-4

Kiwi Crate: ages 4-8

Tinker Crate: ages 9 – 14+

Doodle Crate: ages 9-16+

As we’ve already tested Kiwi Crate here and here, today I’m sharing a peek at the other three crates. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Kiwi Crate Kits Peek Inside | TinkerLab.com

As I have a 4-year old, we were very excited to try our hand at the Koala Crate, and it didn’t disappoint. The theme of the crate was color, and we first dove into the color toss activity. My little on knows all of her colors, and I especially loved how the physicality of this project gave her a new perspective on color.

She place the transparent color blocks on the ground, tossed the dice to see which color was up for investigating, and then collected objects from the studio to match the colors. So much fun!

Of course, I could probably do something like this on my own by cutting out colored paper and making a paper dice, but the high quality materials from Koala Crate really brought this activity to life.

This also segued nicely into the next activity…

Koala Crate Review | TinkerLab.com

Following that, we set up the watercolor bunting project. The kit provided us with heavy watercolor paper precut into triangles, a new set of watercolors (always welcome, as we race through these pretty quickly), fat crayons for little hands, and string for hanging the bunting.

Miss 4 drew on the triangles, and then washed over them with watercolors. We then hung the bunting up as one of our first decorations in the new studio. Hooray!

Koala Crate Bunting Project | TinkerLab.com

Tinker Crate is a little advanced for my kids, but as I looked over the provided materials, I know that older children would love the opportunity to build the machines and other engineering marvels that are included with each crate. And while she’s not in the recommended age group for Doodle Crate, my 6-year old is VERY excited to dive into that crate (and frankly, I am too!).

Kiwi Crate Black Friday Sale

If you’d like to get an amazing deal on any of the Kiwi Crate products, they’re offering 60% off the first month with the code: MERRYSUB